Yes You Can Diet Review 2022 – Is This Diet Worth Trying?

Yes You Can Review 2021
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Yes You Can Review 2022

Are you having trouble losing weight? That’s no surprise. The amount of information that exists about weight loss and diets is overwhelming. When it comes to losing weight, most people want to know all of the details before considering trying something new. 

I’m sure that when you began searching for a diet, you were just hoping to find one that would work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of diet plans you can find in the market, and Yes You Can diet is one of them.

This plan works by reducing your calorie intake with meal replacement beverages and a portion-controlled diet. It is a partial meal replacement plan that includes shakes and dietary supplements sold through the company’s website. 

Their objective is to allow you to live the lifestyle of a lean, healthy body without hunger. They guarantee their plan is customized based on your current weight, age, gender and lifestyle.

If you are looking to lose weight, then you just found an honest Yes You Can Review 2022. 

My goal is to help you with this Yes You Can review so that you will have all of the information you need just at your fingertips.

What is the Yes You Can diet?

What is the Yes You Can diet?

Yes You Can is a revolutionary weight-loss program introduced by Alejandro Chabán in the spring of 2012. He founded the company after losing 160 pounds.

The Yes You Can diet is an all-natural weight loss system that replaces some of your daily meals with tasty little shakes. They don’t contain the calories, sugar or carbohydrates of typical meals. Additionally, they are high in protein and fibre, which keep you feeling full for longer. This means you can eat less and lose weight faster. 

Chabán’s plan also encourages individuals to eliminate certain foods from their daily eating habits to establish healthier eating patterns.

The Yes You Can Diet comes with a complete kit containing powder to mix shakes, capsules made with caffeine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, and other ingredients. It also comes with appetite support capsules meant to be taken before meals.

Yes You Can Review- How Does It Work?

This plan involves eating five meals spaced through the day, with one to two of them replaced by fortified shakes. The shake is the most important part of this diet because it is packed with vitamins and minerals. It will help you lose weight and reach your health goals. This is because they reduce their caloric intake by replacing several meals each day with shakes. These shakes are provided when you purchase the program. 

The essential elements are daily supplements, dietary shakes, meal substitution and eating according to the traffic light system.


The Traffic Light Diet is simple to understand and easy to follow. The diet encourages healthful eating by highlighting which foods should be eaten. It also highlights the ones which should be limited or avoided entirely.

The rules are simple. Red foods are banned, yellow foods are limited, and green foods are emphasized.

Green food includes more fruit, vegetables and protein; the red foods are more junk, fatty foods and meat. Yellow foods consist mainly of low-fat dairy products.

Who Is Yes You Can For?

Yes You Can eating plan is for anyone who wants to lose weight. Even when you are not excessively overweight, there are other reasons why losing weight would be good for you. Such as having better health or being more attractive.

What is most important here is that it’s really you who says ‘yes’ to the diet. If this is you, then keep reading this Yes You Can review.

Yes You Can Review- Ingredients 

In order to validate the claims of this diet, let’s analyze some of the key ingredients. 

  • Caffeine 

As a general rule, stimulants can be used to improve your ability to exercise. One of the most popular of these is caffeine, which is the backbone of many commercial weight-loss supplements. It also tends to reduce your appetite, so combined with exercise, it can help you lose weight. Caffeine is the most commonly used drug in the world.

  • Green Tea Extract

The green tea extract is also of the most popular natural weight loss ingredients around. Green tea extract has benefited people all over the world. Not only in aiding them to lose weight but also in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. It has been shown to promote fat oxidation and thermogenesis. Furthermore, it can suppress appetite and improve mental focus. This makes it an effective complement to your dieting efforts.

  • 5-HTP

5-HTP is a chemical that occurs naturally in the human body. This ingredient helps you level out your blood sugar, which in turn regulates your hunger hormones. This allows you to eat less while still feeling satisfied. It has also been shown to be helpful for depression and anxiety. Helping people feel good about themselves again. 

Studies suggest that supplementing with 5-HTP can keep the brain’s supply of serotonin topped up and may even improve body weight and body mass index (BMI) as a result.

Potential side effects may include Muscle issues, drowsiness, and heartburn.

  • Uva Ursi leaf

Uva ursi leaf is a safe and effective herbal product. It can be used completely on your own or as part of a diet designed specifically for kidney stone patients. Eat plenty of fruit and drink plenty of water. Cut out all alcohol, caffeine, salt and sugar from your diet.

  • Hydrolyzed Gelatin

Hydrolyzed Gelatin is a protein that comes from collagen in bones and other tissues. This special protein is flavourless, dissolves easily in hot or cold water. It swells too many times its own volume when it absorbs liquid. Hydrolyzed Gelatin is the secret ingredient behind the success of the great majority of weight loss plans available today. This is because it causes you to feel full faster and for longer, so you actually eat less!

  • Spirulina

One of the more popular and cost-effective supplements on the market is powdered Spirulina. Spirulina is a micro-algae high in protein that contains all the essential amino acids, unlike meat which does not. The protein content of Spirulina is very near to that found in protein-rich foods like soy.

  • Non-fat milk

Non-fat milk has been found helpful in dieting accomplished through a controlled daily intake of all essential nutrients. It is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, and maybe not ‘fat free’ but still a healthy option.

Does It Work For Weight Loss?

The Yes You Can! Diet Plan includes many different products for weight loss. They claim that all of these items are in one handy package, but this isn’t the case when it comes to information about the products themselves. There’s little information available on what they include. Additionally, a bit of research goes into each item to find out how safe, effective, and wholesome they are.

Regardless, meal replacements are still one of the best ways to lose weight.

If you are looking to shed some pounds safely and effectively, meal replacements may be an ideal option. This kind of diet plan has been shown to help people lose weight in a number of studies. One study showed that people lost twice as much weight on meal replacements as on conventional diets.

Yes You Can Review: Pros And Cons


  • The Yes You Can shakes are a viable option for anyone looking to lose weight or improve overall nutrition. The convenience of being able to have healthy meals on the go may be just what you need to succeed at your weight-loss goals.
  • Yes you can, meal replacement shakes are a highly recommended diet aid that works. The reason for this is that they add all the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy diet. At the same time, you don’t have to add up calories or fat, which can be complicated while watching your diet. 
  • These shakes taste great and will keep you full longer too. So it’s easier for people to lose weight while using them.



  • In an effort to quickly lose weight, many people have been using meal replacement drinks. Unfortunately, the plan is highly restrictive and can be challenging to follow in the long term.
  • Using supplements or going without food puts a strain on your body. Furthermore, it makes it more likely to make poor food choices. I’m some cases; it is better to eat a balanced breakfast and a balanced lunch than to skip meals so often.
  • Yes You Can shakes are a convenient way to obtain essential vitamins and minerals but are not the best option for overall health. They are processed foods that lack many of the nutrients found in whole food sources.
  • Additionally, you might have to take pills or powders separate from your shake.

How Much Does It Cost?

Yes You Can Diet costs $283.79 and comes with a meal replacement shake, a guide to healthy nutrition, collagen pills, appetite suppressants, slim-down metabolism boosters, and a colon support supplement.

Yes You Can Review From Amazon

Below are some customers reviews on Amazon.


Bought for my Mom, she loveeeeeeeeeeeeed it. The first two days, her tummy skin hurt, but after that, she noticed weight loss daily. She also says she never felt hungry. She is finished with the plan but continues eating healthy with the guide provided.~ Madelin


No wtat i expected. No happy with it¡~ Orlando Smith 


Yes, I lost some weight, the same amount I would lost with diet and exercise, I kind of knew what to except with the diet plan, but I also expected to loose more weight, the pills don’t work at all, I was hungry all the time, my metabolism was the same, the shake taste really good, but again, I was hungry all the time, so if you know how to follow a healthy diet plan, you exercise, and expect to loose more than you do right now, like me, this probably won’t work, it didn’t work for me, and now I feel really really bad for spending $200 on nothing, I wish I could have my money back.~Amazon Customer


The transformer kit has help me achieve my goal n lost 70 pounds and 11 months after trying other diets that didn’t work for me I will recommend this plan that you won’t have to starve yourself plus you can still eat what you like am Mexican so I love my Mexican food, and with my Yesyoucandietplan, I can eat what I like and still lose weight~ Ana Arenas


The product is wonderful, diet is amazing I lost 46 pounds in six months, I’ve improved my health and my family, and I found a great family that yes you can give me emotional support. Thanks yesyoucandietplan!!! I keep working on my goal I recommend it to all~ May

Yes You Can Review: Final Verdict 

Yes You Can promises quick weight loss, but there are pros and cons. For me, the cons outweigh the pros, especially regarding its restrictive nature, which creates a poor framework for healthy lifestyle changes in the long term.

Most people think they are on a diet because they are trying to lose weight. But usually, they are on a diet because they want to change their eating habits. The problem with diets is that good eating habits are not something that people learn overnight.

The most effective way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit, which means you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. Most people experience hunger when they are trying to lose weight on certain diets. Unfortunately, a diet is no longer effective if it causes you to become uncomfortable and not motivated.

As a result, before settling for a restricted diet like Yes You Can, ensure you are prepared. If you want it to work for you, be prepared to make the diet a lifestyle.


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Note: Yes You Can Meal Replacement Shakes are intended to be part of a weight loss diet. They are not intended to be used as a total meal substitute. The shakes are meant to supplement traditional meals, not replace them entirely.

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