12 Top-Rated Water Weights For Exercise, 2022

12 Best Water Weights For Exercise To Buy In 2021
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Wondering what some of the best water weights for exercise are in 2022? Most people just don’t know the best water weights that are on the market today. If you are looking for the best water weights on the market, then this article will be useful for you. 

We have selected 12 weight sets that are on the top of the sales charts and that are recommended by customers. These 12 water dumbbells and water weights will help you get started on your fitness journey.

What are Water Dumbbells?

Water Weights are great for water aerobics or rehabilitation exercises. They are used to increase the workload of the exercise by adding resistance. They are also known as Water Dumbbells, which is a better description.

Water weights for swimming exercises are great for targeting specific muscles. They are best for using both stabilization muscles and muscles that need resistance. This is because water requires your body to struggle against it in order to move it. The struggle required helps strengthen the stabilizing muscles as well as the ones you are working directly to lift the weight.

How Water Dumbbells Can Help In Water Exercise 

Dumbbells are great for traditional land exercises. But did you know that water dumbbells can help you in your water exercise? Water dumbbells , or fluid resistant hand weights as some would call them, are another tool for improving the strength and muscle development of your forearms and hands.

We all know that using traditional dumbbells can really develop the muscles in our arms as well as improve our strengths. In the same way, these water dumbbells will do the same thing in the water.

Whilst they may look incredibly easy to use, they are actually a very effective piece of equipment, especially when it comes to increasing the strength and size of your forearms and hands.

If you want to improve your overall health and get more toned, buying a set of water dumbbells might be a wise investment for you. This type of dumbbell is suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginners to more advanced people.

Below are the 12 best water weights for exercise.

12 Best Water Weights for Exercise 

1. Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells

Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells

The Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells are compatible with any water workout program.

These at-home water weights for exercise make it easy for anyone to slip into the pool and get in a quick workout. They are great for toning, strengthening, and endurance workouts.

The Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells stands out as a very cost-friendly set of water dumbbells. Each one is only about $20. We felt that these were the best choice for the features and quality you get for the money.

These dumbbells all have a soft grip, come in a set of two, and weigh 66lbs each. They come in about six colors, including; blue, dark pink, teal, red, green, and yellow. Additionally, they allow you to work out safely and effectively with any level of fitness or experience.


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2. Theraband Water Weights

Water weights for exercise- Theraband Water Weights

Add a bit of challenge to your next water workout with these Theraband Water Weights. Made by Theraband, the company that introduced resistance bands into health clubs worldwide, these water dumbbells are also used by physical therapists, making them a great addition to any gym.

The foam used in the weights is completely non-absorbent, so it dries quickly when removed from the water. This pair of dumbbells come in three different sizes, from small to large, with the 15” one being the biggest.

The closed-cell foam makes them buoyant while providing a soft-cushioned surface that you can easily grip while exercising. Additionally, the compact design also makes them easy to store and carry around.


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3. Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells

Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells

One of the downsides to water workouts is that it’s hard to create resistance that matches land workouts. Well, Kiefer has solved that problem by taking the floats from their Wave Eater racing lane ropes to create a water dumbbell that is super light and also provides exceptional resistance under the water.

Kiefer’s Water Workout Dumbbells help you get in shape in the pool and burn fat and calories when you workout.


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4. Power Systems Heavy Resistance Water Dumbbells

Power Systems Heavy Resistance Water Dumbbells

Power Systems Heavy Resistance Water Dumbbells are available in three different resistance levels. The heavy ones are suitable for strong users, while the light and medium resistance ones are meant for people with varying strength levels. The compact size of these water weights makes it very easy to keep them anywhere in your home. They are ideal for anyone who wants to train with added weight. Additionally, they are suitable for beginners, strong users, and rehabilitation purposes.


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5. Sporti Aquatic Fitness Medium Dumbbells Water Weights

Sporti Aquatic Fitness Medium Dumbbells Water Weights

The Sporti Aquatic Fitness Medium Dumbbells Water Weights are ideal for aquatic fitness swim training. With closed-cell EVA foam, the Sporti Aquatic fitness medium weights are among the most popular in our collection of water weights. Measuring 6″ x 12”, they are designed with comfort in mind and provide the resistance you’re looking for in your workouts. They’re great for strength training, toning your upper body, and improving balance.


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6. ZEYU SPORTS Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells

Sporti Aquatic Fitness Medium Dumbbells Water Weights

These EVA foam water dumbbells provide a workout for the upper body, lower back, and abs. Each one weighs approximately 0.66 lbs and is approximately 10.9″ long x 5.7″ wide. They are not intended as floatation devices but as floating exercise dumbbells. It is used in water exercises such as underwater push-ups and other types of aquatic workouts. They are suitable for any age above 14 years of age, as with most other aquatic dumbbells. 


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7. AquaJogger Pool Water Weights

AquaJogger Pool Water Weights

This is a basic pool water weight with a triangular shape, and it comes with an extra-large and soft padded gripper. The pool water weights from AquaJogger are designed to provide a major-challenge workout, improving flexibility and tone muscles. These weights are made from durable material, and feature four rectangular shaped foam grips. They come with an open-cell and chlorine-resistant build and are extremely durable.


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8. TYR Aquatic Resistance Dumbbell

TYR Aquatic Resistance Dumbbell

Whether you’re training for competition, recovering from an injury, or just looking for a good workout, TYR Aquatic Resistance Dumbbell pool weights are the right choice. These hand weights are made with closed-cell EVA foam. The TYR Aquatic Fitness Kit has everything that you need to get your water workout on. Included are two pairs of extra-long resistance dumbbells, which are crafted with an easy connector for added convenience. Each dumbbell is designed with a sturdy handle for additional comfort. They can be held effortlessly underwater, thanks to their EVA foam construction. When you’re ready to hit the pool, simply use them to build strength during your workout.


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9. CAP Barbell Ankle/Wrist Weights

CAP Barbell Ankle/Wrist Weights

The CAP Barbell Ankle/Wrist Weights are made of soft and stretchy neoprene breathable fabric and help increase the intensity of your pool workout routines. Made of soft and stretchy Neoprene that is breathable. These weights offer extra resistance to enhance your water aerobic routine. Each weight is made of neoprene fabric, which ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. The measurements for this item are 12” x 5” x 2”.


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10. All Pro Aquatic Exercise Belt

All Pro Aquatic Exercise Belt

The All Pro Aquatic Exercise Belt is a durable, vinyl-coated neoprene belt that makes it easier to perform specialized exercises. It is designed to add resistance to walking and jogging in the water. The belt holds up to 10 pounds in multiple narrow pockets. This allows you to easily remove individual weights if you feel like your walking or jogging is too difficult. The belt has an easy-off buckle for excellent convenience. While it doesn’t offer targeted muscle groups, it can be used for endurance and resistance training in the water.


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11. Kiefer Water Exercise Discs

Kiefer Water Exercise Discs

The Kiefer Water Exercise Discs are water exercise discs that are designed with the elderly and disabled people in mind. It offers a great choice for those with arthritic hands or limited mobility that have trouble holding a standard dumbbell. Ideal for aquatic exercise, aqua aerobics, or aquatic therapy. The discs float in the water and come with a handgrip,. Additionally, the soft and buoyant premier quality foam allows natural movement of the hand and wrist. Especially during aquatic exercise routines or water walking activities. 


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12. All Pro Weight Adjustable Power Legs Training Weights

All Pro Weight Adjustable Power Legs Training Weights

Get a stronger, more flexible back and improve your posture with the All Pro Weight Adjustable Power Legs Training Weights. All Pro’s weighted legs can be adjusted from the standard 11.15 pounds. This depends on the amount of weight you want to add. It is perfect for use by players, coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. These training weights are great for building strength and flexibility. However, this weight is not specific to aquatic exercise training. 


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How To Buy The Right Water Weight For Aquatic Aerobics

When you are looking for water weights for aquatic aerobics, it can be challenging to know what is best. There are so many different brands and styles available that choosing the right one can seem like a challenge. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that will not do the job you need it to. If you are new to aquatic aerobics, it may take some time before you find the right water weights. With so many people signing up for these water fitness classes, they want to buy the right kind of water weights to take with them to class. Some tips to note are;

  • Choose the right water weight for your water aerobics class

Weights are selected based on the type of class you are taking and your skill level. If you are unsure which weight to select, it is a good idea to ask your instructor first.

Meanwhile, lighter weights are better for basic toning, while heavier weights are better for intensive workouts.

  • Go with weights made with closed-cell EVA high-density foam.

When it comes to creating a sturdy and reliable water weight, the material used is of utmost importance. This means choosing a high-quality foam as the material for your water weights. This foam should be made from an environmentally friendly material such as EVA to ensure that it’s safe for use and doesn’t harm the environment and the creatures that live in it over time. The thickness and density of the foam you use are also necessary. This will determine how long your water weights will last and how effective they will be in improving the health of your body.

  • Always check that the weight is highly durable.

Buying a water weight you can’t rely on is worse than not buying one at all. Cheap weights that cleave apart upon first use just take up space and money. So, I would always advise you to purchase one made with closed-cell EVA foam. This way, it wouldn’t fade from chlorine exposure due to swimming often. Get one that’s highly durable and long-lasting. By doing so, you will save money and time and gain much more satisfaction out of your water walking sessions.

  • Do not go overboard on price.

Water weight for aquatic aerobic exercise programs does not have to be expensive. Many people think that this type of weight needs to be custom-designed, but that is simply not true. There are many affordable water exercising weights that you can purchase, like the ones listed above.

  • Ask for weight recommendations from others.

When you are buying water weight for your aquatic workout, you should be asking several people to get recommendations. Their personal experiences will help you make the decision of what kind to buy.

Why Choose Water Weights Instead Of Traditional Weights?

Water Weights are the perfect alternative to traditional weights for your water fitness routine.

We all know that working out can be great for you. If you use a traditional pair of dumbbells, the moisture from your hands could potentially damage them. This doesn’t happen with water dumbbells because your hands continuously move between the handles and the water. Using these dumbbells is a great way to start a workout. Especially if you are pretty new to exercising, as they provide a low-impact resistance that will get your blood flowing without bringing you out of your comfort zone.

Water weights tend to be easier on your joints and help avoid injuries that come from lifting loads. However, they still offer the challenge and competition that traditional weights do.

Exercises With Water Weights

To exercise with the Water Workout Dumbbells, simply hold one in each hand underwater. Afterwards, perform exercises similar to those you do with dumbbells out of the water. For example;

  • Karate Punch

Karate punch with weighted gloves is a great exercise that develops bone as well as muscle as it makes ample use of your forearm as well. This exercise is found effective in developing your neck and shoulder muscles as well as your bone structure. Thereby, enabling you to withstand greater pressure exerted by your opponents.

  • Bicep Curls. 

Biceps curls are a bicep exercise that narrows the shape of your arm. When you do bicep curls, you’ll define your forearm as well as build muscle to shape the front top portion of your arms.

  • Triceps push

The triceps push is one of the best water workouts for muscles development. It is done using water weights is a home based exercise that can be done with limited space. This is an easy and convenient way to tone and shape your arms.

Do water weights work?

Water weights are used for strength training of aquatic aerobic exercises. They are specifically made to be used by swimmers. Water balls, air-filled rubber molded weights are often referred to as water weights.

For many people, water exercise is the safest and most effective way to benefit both land and aquatic aerobics. Water weights provide resistance and allow you to build muscle tone while keeping your joints and tendons safe from stress. Water also provides elasticity to the body, which means that muscles and joints stay warm and loose throughout the exercise. The fact that liquids are not solid means that you’ll be able to work more parts of your body. Such as your arms, shoulders, torso, and abs – all while keeping your joints safe.

Benefits Of Water Weights For Exercise 

The benefits of water-based exercises are clear. It can help you lose weight, allows seniors to maintain balance, and even benefit children with developmental needs. While these benefits are all well-known, many people are not aware of the most significant benefit this exercise has for fitness enthusiasts – it’s low impact.

  • They are a good way to lose weight

Swimming is a great form of exercise that tones there whole body. It’s low impact but burn calories fast. Depending on your fitness level water weights can be added to kick up the intensity of your workout. Add these weights for an upper body only workout to tone and strengthen arms and shoulders.

Water weights are a good way to lose weight if coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise. One can enjoy the benefits of working out. Using weights as an additional training tool and losing the extra pounds at the same time.

  • It adds resistance to your workout.

If you want to swim for fun, exercise or competition, you can make your swimming workout effective with the addition of swim weights. These are weights which you attach to you body or hand, and they make it difficult for you to swim at first. However, with time, you get used to them and develop muscle strength.

  • They are affordable

Water weights for exercises are the best training tool to use when you want to get in shape. It is affordable compared to other equipment, easy to store, and portable.

  • You can work on different muscle groups easily.

Water Weights For Exercise can help you in a number of ways. They aid in the development of the muscles in the arms, legs, abs, and everywhere else in between. The water equipment is inexpensive and easy to find. 

  • There is a wide range of exercises you can do

There is a wide range of exercises you can do with water weights. Not only are the exercises meant to boost your metabolism to help you lose weight. Additionally, they are also effective in toning your body.

Can You Build Muscle With Water Weights?

They’re simple, safe, and great for all ages and fitness levels. It is an excellent alternative to more traditional types of exercise, should you be injured or otherwise unable to participate in the usual activities. 

Can You Lose Weight Doing Water Exercises?

Yes, you can lose weight by doing water exercises. The benefits of water aerobics are numerous. Not only does it help you to improve your health, but also helps in reducing body fat, toning muscles, improving posture and balance.

Are Water Dumbbells Any Good?

Water workout resistance improves your strength and agility and helps give the forearm and upper body a good workout in and out of the water. Holding one just under the surface of the water in your hand when you’re doing water aerobics creates resistance in the water when you move your hand up and down or from side to side. The dynamic float pattern gives even greater resistance than holding a solid dumbbell.

Water Dumbbells are the next level of resistance training because they force you to engage not only your muscles but the rest of your body as well. 

The Bottomline 

At this point in time, you have all the information necessary to make a well-educated buying decision. This makes it easy to pick the best option of water weights for exercise if you’re in a hurry. By referring to this review/buying guide, and overall editor rating – you are in good hands. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about the best water weights for exercise, it makes sense to buy one. Not only are they highly durable since they are made of top-quality materials, but they are also safe.


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