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The Venus Factor Review: Read Before Purchase

This is a complete review of The Venus Factor program. 

The scale of scams on the Internet is increasing daily, especially in the health and fitness industry. 

As a result, more and more people buy products that don’t give any results or damage their bodies.

However, this article is a reliable information based on my personal experience.

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program that has been created to target the hormone known as estrogen, as well as leptin. This program is designed to specifically target female weight loss issues and fat loss in a woman.

However, there have been several complaints about the Venus Factor program. 

The complaints are varied and cover a wide range of issues that are said to be associated with the program. 

Some of the complaints include information that claims that the advice in the program is incorrect or the diet plan is unhealthy.

It also includes claims that there is a high probability that people will not lose weight using this method. 

This review will provide real-life investigative research into the program, leaving you with all the information you need to know if the program is real or a scam.

What Is The Venus Factor?

The Venus factor is an eBook written by fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, which comprises a complete 12-week program that helps its users lose weight by leptin control. This diet program focuses on fat burning rather than cutting calories but is not overly specific on the route to take.

Who Created The Venus Factor?

This weight loss system which was delivered in a book was created by John Barban.

According to John Barban, his discovery for this system was from goldmine research.

He claimed to have found the secret to how women can lose weight without diet and exercise.

In his study, the female hormone keeps most women from losing fat.

However, his research has created a way whereby women can eat what they want and not gain extra weight.

The ultimate secret gotten from his research was leptin control.

How Does It Work?

The program was created based on the theory that women have a hard time losing fat because of their hormone levels.

They claim that they have discovered a female weight loss cheat that doesn’t involve exercise or diet. It majorly focuses on leptin control to improve weight loss.

The Venus Factor is an approach to dieting that works to help you lose your unwanted body fat by targeting the fat-burning zone of your body. 

This weight loss system claims to work in unison with your body’s natural metabolic processes to burn off excess fat quickly. It is also focused on teaching its users to eat fewer calories than they burn.

Instead of avoiding carbohydrates and eating large amounts of protein to lose weight, you can eat whatever foods you want as long as they are low in carbohydrates.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Leptin Control

Most people do not even know who Leptin is, let alone what it does and how it can affect weight loss.

Leptin is a hormone found in the fat cells that helps regulate appetite. 

It is used by the body to determine when it is full in a process known as neuroendocrine communication.

Leptin carries the message from fat cells to numerous target organs that they have stored enough energy. 

This message is sent to the hypothalamus in the brain, which tells the body when it has enough energy in reserve and should stop consuming calories.

Put simply; leptin is essentially a hormone that tells your body when you have had enough food. 

If leptin levels drop too low, it signals you that you need more food (a message which may be misinterpreted as hunger).

On the other hand, if leptin levels are too high, it signals that you have enough energy stored.

As much as leptin control can promote weight loss, those who are overweight and obese have leptin resistance.

Studies have shown that leptin control is ineffective for obese and overweight people.

In such a case, the program has failed to address this category of people.

Features Of The Venus Factor 

  • Female-specific fat loss technique. It focuses on addressing weight loss solutions for women of all ages.
  • Little or no dieting and no extreme exercise
  • The secret to weight loss for women is written in a book and sold to users as the program guide.
  • Increased Metabolism and Energy Levels.
  • There are supplements available that enhance the effectiveness of the product.

How Much Does The Venus Factor Cost?

Before you purchase your Venus Factor program, you may want to know how much it costs. 

You can find the program on the official website and at other online retailers such as Amazon.

So how much does The Venus Factor cost?

This 12-weeks fat loss system is currently selling for $37.

Pros and Cons of The Venus Factor


  1. It guarantees women easy weight loss without diet or exercise.
  2. The weight loss system is focused on females.
  3. There are support groups online.
  4. Everything about the program is contained in one book.
  5. It promises to deliver quick results in a short time frame.


  1. The book doesn’t meet up with the expectation of the marketing video (unrealistic promises).

My Findings Of The Product 

  1. Although The Venus factor claims to be unique, it’s the same as other diets.
  2. There is too much hype about it, from how quickly it works to the celebrities who it has worked for. This is because it gets Celebrity endorsement.
  3. The program is purchased in a book that lacks scientific information and backing about the weight loss process.
  4. There is no proof or research to back the fact up that The Venus Factor has been proven to speed up metabolism.
  5. It promises you the possibility of dropping as much as 21 pounds in 1 week with no diet or exercise. This is a huge claim for a weight loss product.

What Users Truly Think About The Product 

In this section, I have gotten the opinion of some users of this program to determine if the product truly works. These are some testimonials;


“I think the Venus Factor is horrible. It’s not worth the money. If you don’t follow the diet and exercises, then it’s a scam!”–Mar Michelle. 


“I tried The Venus Factor, but it wasn’t the right fit for me. During my first week on the program, I lost 5 pounds, though! I had to tweak it a bit to fit my lifestyle better. It is a rigorous diet, for sure! Bottom line, it did not work out for me“– Sarah. 


“I was looking for a diet plan for women and found this site called The Venus Factor. It is not a scam, but it’s also not the right program for me. I have been on it for a couple of days, and it doesn’t seem to work. My husband said that the women in the videos were fake. He said that the women in the video are already thin, and they just probably lost weight when they started the program, so they had nothing to lose in the first place“–Lady X.


“I have been doing the Venus Factor since March. I am so happy with my progress, but it’s not easy. You must follow the plan exactly as it is written, or you won’t get the results. I have a friend who bought it and didn’t even open the book. She relies on my info and my recipe pamphlets to do hers. I told her that she has to follow it to see results“–Tracy.

The Venus Factor Alternative

If you’re not satisfied with your results from The Venus Factor or the system wasn’t for you at all, you can try out Eat sleep burn.

Eat sleep burn just like the Venus factor is a weight loss system sold in a book.

It emphasizes that with the appropriate activities and diet, users can lose weight as they sleep.

Final Verdict 

From my findings, it is evident that the Venus factor is not a weight loss program. 

Instead, it is a diet and workout guide for women.

Several customers have reported that the Venus Factor has not proven to produce significant results for them.

This is because of the assumption that the Venus factor is a program rather than just a written guide which also gives access to a supplement.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this product, it is not a scam because you get the product you paid for.

However, you might be a bit disappointed when you compare the advertisements with what you get after purchasing the book.

For those who plan to purchase it, ensure you follow it up with a good exercise program for better results.

FAQ’s About The Venus Factor 

Does the Venus factor work?

The question of whether it works depends on your expectations.

With so much hype around the Venus factor, you can’t help but wonder if it’s as effective as the marketers claim. 

Finding trustworthy info about this diet is not easy. 

The market is saturated with fake reviews and marketing strategies that may trick you into a purchase. 

This is why it is essential to research the product before purchase.

What is the best tip for healthily losing weight?

When searching for the best tips on losing weight healthily and safely, you are not only confronted with a myriad of weight loss solutions.

You are also presented with a confusing amount of information on effective methods to lose weight. 

The first thing that comes to mind is losing weight fast. 

That’s why there’s so much emphasis put on crash diets and extreme exercise regimens.

Eating less and exercising more appears to be the number one cliché for any weight loss plan. This is because it’s true. 

Dieting is not easy, and it takes discipline, but there are ways to make it easier. 

This is why you have an option to get a diet plan and even join a gym/fitness club.

How will the Venus Factor workout affect my female shape?

Many women are wondering just how their bodies will change during and after the Venus Factor program. 

Although I cannot guarantee the system’s effectiveness, the Venus Factor plan claims to burn fat and build lean muscle.

This means that your body will be wholly transformed both inside and outside.

Is there any side effect of using the Venus factor

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t worry too much about the side effects of any dietary supplement. 

But if you have known allergies to food or specific ingredients, it’s always better to be on the safe side. 

Although, you need to research before buying any supplement provided by the Venus Factor.

This is why you should always consult with a certified medical professional before starting any diet program or system.

Can you get a refund after purchasing Venus Factor 2.0?

This book can be purchased directly from the website or via an online store.

To get a refund after purchasing the venus factor, you first need to contact the vendor. These are generally online shoppers who provide after-sales service via emails or telephone numbers placed on their sites. 

However, some online companies do not give refunds even if they claim to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

So in such cases, you could approach small claims court and get a refund on your cost or even the full amount of money spent on buying the program.

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