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The 7 Best Testosterone Test at Home Kits

The hormone called Testosterone is present in both humans and other animals. In men, Testosterone is primarily produced in the testicles. Though in much smaller amounts, Testosterone is also produced by women’s ovaries, and this amount can be tested using the best-at-home hormone tests.

Due to the crucial role that Testosterone plays in sperm production and the fact that it is frequently linked to sex drive, testosterone test at home is on the rise. Additionally, it impacts red blood cell synthesis, bone and muscle mass, and how men store fat in their bodies. The amount of Testosterone in a male might affect his mood and conduct.

A person’s testosterone levels fluctuate throughout their lifetime and often begin to fall beyond 40 steadily. Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, typically higher in the morning and lower in the afternoon.

This article aims to provide in-depth knowledge about testosterone testing kits and list the cost, where to find them, advantages, and risks.

  • Best Overall Experience: LetsGetChecked Test Kit
  • Best for affordability: EverlyWell Testosterone Test
  • Best Blood Testing: Imaware Testosterone Test at Home Kit
  • Most Comprehensive: Roman Test Kit
  • Most Personalized Results: Cerascreen At-Home Testosterone Test Kit
  • Best Blood and Saliva Testing: myLAB Box Test Kit
  • Best Personalized Planning: Thorne

LetsGetChecked ($69-$179)

The testosterone levels in the blood can be determined with a finger prick test kit from LetsGetChecked. You use prepaid shipping supplies to send your sample to the lab the same day you collect it after you’ve done so.

Your results will be available online in two to five days. A team of nurses is available 24/7 to help explain your results if you have any queries.

Four other at-home tests, including the male Hormone Test ($139)are available from LetsGetChecked:


  • Accreditation from CAP and CLIA for testing labs
  • Rapid and digital test results delivery
  • The business employs a group of nurses who can assist with explaining your results.


  • Tests require a finger prick.
  • Testing is limited to specific days of the week (samples should not be collected or mailed Friday through Sunday)
  • Results are not descriptive.

EverlyWell Testosterone Test kit ($49)

The testosterone test at home kit from EverlyWell analyzes your saliva to determine whether you’re producing the typical amount of Testosterone for your age. You mail your saliva sample to the EverlyWell labs via prepaid postage after collecting it.

A few days later, you’ll get online results showing if your testosterone levels are normal, low, or excessive.


  • Results are simple to read
  • Sample collection is painless
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t give a specific time frame for results
  • In some places, tests are not available.

Imaware Testosterone Test at Home Kit ($69)

The Imaware test kit measures total testosterone levels using a small-drop blood sample, unlike most at-home testosterone kits, which use saliva samples. You can compare and understand your results to standardized levels of low Testosterone by using blood tests.

You don’t need to wait to eat or brush your teeth or adhere to any other limitations because the test is a blood test rather than a saliva test. You’ll receive a report on the test’s outcomes within seven days after mailing your exam.


  • Blood testing improves the comparability of outcomes
  • It does not call for fasting or additional safety measures
  • Available in all states


  • Not for those who find seeing blood repulsive
  • It might be more likely not to get an adequate sample.

Roman Testosterone Test Kit ($69)

Ro, a telemedicine men’s health company, offers the Roman testosterone test at-home kit. It can be an excellent option for someone uncomfortable or intimidated by taking blood samples.

You may access step-by-step video instructions to guide you through the sample collection procedure, and if you require more help, you can connect with live agents. Within four business days after your data have been analyzed, you’ll get an email with a PDF report.


  • The results of the tests are available in four business days.
  • A complete test package includes live help, step-by-step video instructions, and cell phone stands so you can watch hands-free.


  • Testing involves a finger prick.
  • No medical experts are available to respond to inquiries regarding the findings.

Cerascreen Testosterone Test at Home Kit ($59)

Cerascreen offers quick and easy testing by using saliva to measure testosterone levels. Once you take your saliva sample, you set up an online account with Cerascreen and answer a questionnaire that will help give you personalized recommendations with your results.

Results take 3 to 5 days to return to you via an online portal.


  • Results are provided together with tailored medical guidance
  • Saliva is used in painless tests
  • If ordered by 2 PM, tests are mailed the same day


  • There are few reviews because testosterone tests are new for the company
  • The availability of tests varies by state

myLAB Box Test Kit ($259)

For men’s health, myLAB Box provides a testosterone test at home that checks cortisol, estrogen, and DHEA levels for men’s health. You gather your samples, including saliva and a finger prick, and send them to the labs, just like with the other tests on this list.

According to the company, the finger prick is entirely painless, and after sending the data to the lab, the results should be available online in 5 days.


  • Painless sample gathering
  • FDA approved
  • Numerous hormones are examined.


  • Tests aren’t available outside of the United States
  • Difficulties are more expensive than other brands

Thorne Testosterone Test at Home Kit ($100)

This company charges $100 for a blood spot test that measures free Testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). You can determine your total testosterone value if you have these two results. It measures both hormone levels and provides a beneficial subscribe-and-save discount.

The sample results page demonstrates how your testosterone results will be given a value of low, normal, or high. It also enlightens your test outcomes, including laboratory test report notes. Thorne will provide advice regarding your general health in addition to these findings. Diet and degree of activity are two examples.


  • Results provide suggestions for food adjustments and exercises
  • Tests for sex hormone-binding globulin and free Testosterone
  • Option to subscribe and save


  • The test cost is expensive
  • The company may suggest its products with your results
  • Results come in eight to 10 business days

Comparison of The 7 Best Testosterone Test At Home Kits

Name Price Results Sample type Specialty
LetsGetChecked $69-$179 2 to 5 days; online blood sample nurses are available 24/7 for questions
EverlyWell $49 within days (no exact number given) saliva sample results reviewed by an independent board-certified physician in your state
Imaware $69 Within seven days  

Blood sample

easily compare and interpret your results to standardized levels of low Testosterone
Roman $69 Four days blood sample step-by-step video guidance of instructions
Cerascreen $59 3 to 5 days saliva sample personalized recommendations based on the questionnaire and your results
my lab box $259 within five days blood and saliva samples FDA registered tests; test multiple hormones



Thorne $100 8 to 10 business days Blood sample tests both free Testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).



What Are Testosterone Kits

Using a testosterone test kit, you can check your hormone levels without going to the doctor or hospital. Pin-prick blood samples are collected at home and sent to a lab for analysis. Usually, the test kit comes with comprehensive instructions.

Before seeing a doctor, numerous products are available for testosterone tests at home. All of them check your blood, urine, or saliva. Depending on the product, the method of sample collection and the number of samples taken may change.

All at-home test kits call for you to mail your samples to an accredited lab for analysis via a (prepaid shipping label). Results could be available to you in a matter of days or weeks.

How To Choose a Home Testosterone Test

It might be a good idea for you to buy a home test from a reliable company. This could refer to a business that advertises the usage of reputable, regulated labs that generate accurate findings. It could also be beneficial to read critiques from organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.

Additionally, a person may choose a particular approach to gathering samples. Some tests call for a blood sample, usually obtained with a finger prick. A blood draw may be necessary for some, while others may contact for a person to submit a saliva or urine sample.

The test cost may also be a deciding factor since specific tests may cost more than others. A person should consider their budget when comparing different brands because prices can vary.

How To Know If You Have Low Testosterone

If you have a history of testicular radiation or chemotherapy use, diabetes, obesity, or other illnesses, you are more likely to have low Testosterone.

The symptoms might range greatly. However, they may include:

  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of body hair
  • Loss of muscle mass/bone mass
  • Male infertility
  • Memory problems
  • Problems losing weight
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Low semen volume
  • Smaller testicle size
  • Anemia or low blood counts
  • Increased body fat, especially around the breasts
  • Trouble concentrating or cognitive changes.

If you have any of these symptoms and think you could have low or reduced Testosterone, you might want to consider speaking with a healthcare provider.

Additionally, having low Testosterone is increasingly common the older you get—up to 50% of men over 80 have low amounts of the hormone. A health problem that would require treatment, however, could be indicated by sudden or extreme changes in Testosterone.

How To Do The Test And Read Results

There are various steps involved in performing a testosterone test at home. Therefore it’s essential always to read the directions thoroughly. On their websites, several services additionally offer instructional videos for sample collecting.

Most tests call for a saliva sample, although some may also call for a finger-prick blood sample.

Typically, people send their results to the designated lab the day after collecting their samples. Within a few days, the results are then made available.

How You Choose The Best At Home Testosterone Test Kits

Results Delivery Time

The turnaround time for different testosterone tests at home varies. You might wish to invest in a kit that provides quicker results if you’re exhibiting uncomfortable symptoms that could be caused by low Testosterone.


On average, testosterone-at-home kits should range from $49 to $200. Be careful to keep it in mind when you think about your budget because most insurance plans won’t cover these kits.

Sample Collection

Testosterone levels can be measured in your blood or saliva. Although blood tests are thought to be more trustworthy, most people find it simpler to collect saliva samples. Ensure you consider which approach you would prefer.

Brand Integrity

When you send a sample to a lab for analysis, you may entrust it with sensitive medical data. It’s crucial to pick a company you believe will protect your privacy. Before choosing a testosterone kit, it may be a good idea to read customer reviews.


Some businesses put you in touch with internal medical experts who can explain your test findings and go over your options if your levels are outside the usual range.


Always speak with your healthcare practitioner if you have any questions or concerns about your health. The information that supports this article about testosterone test kits comes from government and medical society databases and peer-reviewed research. They do not take the place of professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


Men of all ages can experience low Testosterone, but many are reluctant to visit their doctor for various reasons. Alternatively, a testosterone test at home kit can offer a private and non-invasive way of determining your testosterone levels.

The testing kits can also reveal whether your testosterone levels are high, indicating how well your testosterone-boosting drugs are functioning or point to other medical issues like adrenal hyperplasia.

Always reach out to your healthcare provider for any advice regarding your testosterone levels.













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