30 Awesome Staycation Ideas When You Can’t Travel (2022)

30 Best Staycation Ideas
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Staycation Ideas

Do you need a vacation? Many of us do. Vacations are a great time to escape day-to-day life and recharge. But many times with a family, it can be complicated, with so many costs involved. A staycation is a great way to have fun with the family without breaking the bank. 

From my experience, I have learned about being a tourist in your own hometown. This way you don’t have to look too hard for cool places to see in your city. In fact, most of these incredible places are right at your doorstep!

There are many articles online about staycation ideas. However, this unique article gives you practical ideas and how to go about it. 

Here are 30 Awesome staycation ideas for you or your family that will feel like a real holiday.

What Is A Staycation 

A staycation (aka stay-at-home vacation) is simply the act of staying at home or in your local area while taking mini or extended vacations within your vicinity. They allow you to get out of town without spending a ton of money or using up all your spare vacation days from work.

So many people these days are opting for staycations instead of travelling to exotic locations or cities across the country. Thanks to it being more affordable, easy and accessible, stays aren’t fleeting like they used to be. However, with the influx of options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do and places to visit.

What Is A Staycation 

30 Best Staycation Ideas On A Budget 

1. Visit museums

Visiting local museums can be a fun escape, even when you are on a staycation. One of the best ways to discover new things is by visiting museums. They are filled with exciting things. Even if you have visited museums numerous times, there are new things to learn. You may discover new facts on old exhibits or find out that some of the facts were already known but presented in a different light. Visiting museums can be both an intellectual and emotional experience. So pick the ones that appeal to these aspects of your personality.

2. Go for a picnic in the park and play some games together.

Going out on a picnic is an old-fashioned suggestion, but I have to say it is the best thing to do for a staycation with nature lovers. It’s relaxing, and you don’t need the energy to do it. You can laugh yourselves silly watching squirrels or birds or people passing by. You can also make your own food for the picnic, which is my favourite part of the idea. It’ll save you some money if you are super conservative with your expenses.

3. Visit friends or family that is close by

Thanks to the internet, there really is no need to travel far to meet up with local friends or family. Most are just too busy to have time for outings or planning vacations. So why not invite everyone out for a nice meal or event in the area where you live.

4. Book a room at an affordable hotel

Staying in a hotel is a great way to take some time for yourself and just relax and forget all the week’s stress. For those times when you want to go out and do something but can’t afford to fly off someplace. There are many great choices right in your own hometown.

5. Camp in your backyard

One of the best and least expensive ways to vacation is to camp right in your own backyard. It is essential to get your whole family involved in planning and executing their camping trip if you have young kids. 

6. Plan a spa day at home

One of the simplest ways to relax during your Staycation is to give yourself a luxurious pampering session in the comfort of your own home. A home spa treatment benefits extend beyond relaxation and include a degree of convenience that a trip to a day spa doesn’t always provide. The simplest way to have a spa-like experience right in your own home is to purchase some candles. Nothing beats the effects of calming scents on the senses.

7. Relax in a hot tub

The best staycation ideas for the perfect vacation don’t just include sitting on your sofa watching TV all afternoon. You can enjoy a vacation-like experience at home by relaxing in a hot tub. Hot tubs are ideal for soaking, reading, snacking, meditating or daydreaming. To make it more fun, you can turn on some excellent music. Here are some noom snacking ideas you may eant to checkout.

8. Have a movie night with popcorn

Movie night with popcorn is one of the best staycation ideas for a rocking weekend. All you need to do is buy ice cream, snacks, drinks, and popcorn. 

9. Plan a dinner night with the family

The perfect Staycation idea is one that doesn’t require much planning, is very doable and also fun + affordable. A dinner night with the family is an excellent example of such a staycation. This staycation idea requires only four ingredients to pull off perfectly. These are your time, creativity, imagination and last but not the least, dedication.

10. Cook dinner at home one night during your staycation.

Cooking is creative. Whether you write recipes or just follow them, cooking is about combining ingredients in new ways. Anyone can cook, but very few of us do. Why? The main reason is that cooking takes time, and many don’t think they have time to cook. Your staycation is the perfect time for this. 

11. Visit an indoor play center.

Indoor playgrounds, or play centers, are indoor versions of outdoor parks. They are often located in malls or big-box retail stores.

Indoor play centers provide a safe, secure way for kids to have fun when the weather is either too hot or too rainy to play outside. It’s not hard to find indoor play centers, with each municipality having one of its own.

12. Plan a road trip with your friends

Going on a road trip may be one of the ultimate staycation ideas. It’s an adventure that stretches your horizons, deepens your relationships and gives you memories that last well beyond the trip itself. Get everyone together, pack up some food, blankets, pillows, flashlights, lawn chairs, etc. Pack up your favourite beverages while you are at it! Pick some musical instruments, turn on the music and drive down a highway for a while. You can decide where to go while you all are driving. This is a great adventure idea, especially if you have never had one before!

13. Try Yoga for Beginners

Why not learn something new and exciting while you’re at it? The best way to make a staycation fun and fulfilling is to embrace the challenge and adventure in trying something new and exciting. There’s no better time to get your hands on a yoga mat than, clear your mind from everything else that’s been occupying your thoughts. There are endless reasons why you should give yoga a try. The practise of yoga can provide pleasure, increase your flexibility, and boost your overall health. Yoga can also improve posture, known to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and back pain.

14. Learn new skills at free workshops and courses at local community centres and libraries

Staying at home and taking free courses and workshops might be your best option for a relaxing and interesting vacation. You can enhance your skills, explore new hobbies and find fun things to do in the place you already live. Consider venturing outside the city for a workshop or taking a class in a different type of cuisine. If there’s a specific skill you’ve always wanted to acquire, consider exploring this during your staycation.

15. Volunteer at an animal shelter or retirement home

When you’re planning your staycation, there are lots of great things you can do. Depending on what kind of break you’re looking for, you might volunteer at an animal shelter or an animal rescue in the area. You could also volunteer in a retirement home in order to help out seniors in your area to make their stay extra-pleasant.

16. Take a cooking class

One of the great aspects of a staycation is putting your own personal touch on your vacation. So why not try something you’ve never done before? If you have a kitchen at your disposal, you have all the means to take a cooking class. It would expose you to different amazing and healthy recipes. This allows you to enjoy a vacation while still keeping a part of it productive and learning a new skill. 

17. Go to an art gallery.

Going to an art gallery can be relaxing, fun and entertaining. Art galleries have a lot to offer, but the best thing about them is bringing people from different cultures together. |People who visit art galleries are refined and knowledgeable individuals. Visiting an art gallery makes your thoughts more creative and opens up new opportunities through visual art expressions.

18. Eat at a fancy restaurant.

Some people view eating out as an experience that compares to travelling off-shore. The fact that they are sitting at a table in an elegant restaurant, surrounded by attentive waiters, enhances their perception of the occasion. Eating out gives them the feeling that they are doing something exotic and different. Doing this for your staycation can be an exciting experience.

19. Go for a hike

Your staycation doesn’t have to be boring just because you’re staying in your hometown. You can hike too! Hiking basically defines an active vacation. It is one of the best ways to get out there, get some fresh air, and find some exercise. Whether you prefer a mountain hike or a city stroll can determine difficulty level, distance hiked, scenery, and time outside. The whole point is to enjoy nature. There are plenty of great trails near you suitable for hiking, no matter your experience level.

20. Watch fireworks somewhere new.

Watching fireworks is one of the perfect staycation ideas. Whether you’ve got time to go on a weekend getaway, or you can’t afford it, that’s okay. This is because there are all kinds of fireworks or firework displays in many towns. Hence, you can enjoy just by staying put in your hometown.

21. Go wine-tasting

Wine tasting is a very educational experience. You use your mouth to try wine, which makes you focus on all the sensory aspects of wine, from the mouth feel to the smell. This makes it one of the best ways to learn about wines and to discover what you like the best about them. This will not only help you to discover some great local vintages, but also what you prefer in wine.

22. Organize a family talent show

You can definitely have the perfect staycation. I believe that it is one of your duties as a parent to provide this for yourself. It is even more fun if the whole family takes part.  A great activity is to organize a family talent show. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just give everyone an opportunity to shine. If you want, you can also do some team-building activities, like breaking up into two teams, etc., but that’s totally optional, though fun.

23. Go to a live comedy show.

Live comedy acts are everywhere- at bars, restaurants, theatres, even street corners. It is one of the best staycation ideas. There’s no reason to pay for a holiday comedy show if you can’t afford it. And if you live in certain areas, the tickets are usually reasonably priced too.

24. Thrift shopping 

Thrift shopping can be one of the greatest, most enjoyable adventures you will ever set out to do. I believe this regardless of what your dispositional attitude is normally towards thrift shops or vintage/used shit in general. Irrespective of where that attitude comes from, I know that you will discover all sorts of things while exploring this realm and learn a lot about yourself in the process.

25. Get your nails done

One of the best staycation ideas is to get your nails done at a local nail salon. If you LOVE getting pampered then this is a fantastic way to spend a day off. For starters, who doesn’t love a pedicure? Pedicures are relaxing and enjoyable when you’re in the right setting. If you’re looking to combine some downtime with a beauty treatment, pedicures are the perfect solution. During a staycation you can get your nails done without feeling guilty for not getting more out of your trip.

26. Play sports 

Okay, so you will have to get off the couch or out of your bed for this one. Playing sports is a great way to not only have fun together as a family but also give you some exercise while you’re at it. If you don’t play any sports yourself, getting your kids involved with a sport is good for them too. Seeing them grow and develop physically will be just as rewarding for you as watching them work hard at something they love. Pick a sport that’s not usually part of your routine. A fun way to shake up your time off is to play a sport you’ve never tried before!

27. Relax by the poolside

The allure of a staycation is hard to resist. After a long, stressful week at work, it’s easy to want to just chill out at home. Especially when you have a fun poolside area that you can enjoy. With the warm weather getting here soon, it’s important that you can relax and unwind after a job well done.

28. Good old board games

Staycation ideas are not farfetched. When we were young, we used to play games in the outdoors, in our backyards and at the playground. Nowadays, in our busy and tech-dependent lifestyles, we need to be reminded of how much fun it is to play old fashion board games. Family bonding is good for us – it strengthens relationships and also teaches children social interaction skills. As you will see, there are plenty of fun options for everyone. Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit are some of them.

29. Enjoy stargazing in the mountains

Consider the great outdoors. What better way to enjoy the summer than to get out of the city and into nature? Stargazing is one of the best options for enjoying a staycation during these hot summer months.

Light pollution has driven people away from stargazing. The increasing amount of lights makes it hard to see the stars and other planets in the sky. But if you go up to high enough altitudes, far from town lights, you can experience a spectacular view of the night sky and all its celestial bodies.

Pack a tent, sleeping bag and snacks and head up into the mountains, where it is more relaxed and darker at night.

30. Spend the day inside an ice skating rink

There’s no better winter getaway than an indoor ice rink if you live in a cold climate. The combination of warm fireside drinks and the sound of skates scraping along the ice provide for a cozy atmosphere. It is one of the best staycation ideas.

Staycation Ideas

Ground Rules For A Good Staycation

While the concept of a staycation seems to be comparable to a typical vacation, in reality, it’s actually quite different. In order for a staycation to be a success, you need to go into it with a set of rules. Whether you’re planning a staycation or want to take a weekend getaway, consider some of these ground rules for a good staycation.

These rules should be well-defined before you even begin thinking about beginning your staycation.

Some of the rules to benefit from staycations are;

1. Plan in advance

A successful staycation all depends on how well you plan in advance. Planning a staycation is a lot easier if you have a checklist to follow. Otherwise, your plans can quickly get away from you. You could also just create a general outline of what you want to accomplish while on your staycation.

2. Use the time to reconnect, relax and explore the local area

Most folks need a vacation. The challenge for many families may be to take one. If your budget cannot accommodate spending money at an exotic locale this year, consider taking a staycation. A staycation is quite simple ­using the time off to connect with the kids, relax, rejuvenate and explore the local area.

3. Check out off your routine and habits

Checking out of your normal routine and practices can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. It’s during these times when we take time to focus on ourselves and recharge.

4. Consider your financial impact

Yes, an ideal staycation should be all about quality time together with the family. There are so many fun things to do at home that everyone can enjoy. But before you decide to pull the plug, consider the financial impact of staying at home versus the cost of a vacation. It might be tempting to relish the fact that there’s no airfare, hotel fees, or rental car expenses associated with a staycation. However, you’ll want to make sure that your finances can handle it first.

5. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear

A staycation is supposed to be relaxing, so you want to be wearing what feels comfortable. Flip-flops are ideal for lounging by the pool or hot tub. However, if the destination calls for dressier footwear, opt for something comfy like slides.

Different Types Of Staycations

Staying at home can be awesome especially if you are on a tight budget. This does not negate the fact that it can still be boring at times. Fortunately, there is the various way you can spice up your staycation even more awesome. Let us explore some different types of staycations you can try out.

  • Camping 

Camping is a cheap form of vacation, which means it’s the perfect staycation option. You get to enjoy nature and the great outdoors without paying high prices for hotel or resort accommodations.

  • Staycation at a hotel

Staying at a hotel is a great way to enjoy your staycation. It can be super convenient, and you don’t have to worry about any housework or chores while you’re away on vacation.

  • Staycation caravan

A staycation caravan is an excellent way for families to get out and about this summer. There are many benefits to taking a holiday by caravan, from being able to park up wherever you fancy to having some home comforts while on holiday. In truth, there are numerous reasons as to why you should opt for a caravan as your summer holiday of choice.

  • Staycation at home

Home is where the heart lies. The lovely thing about staying at home is that you get to do whatever you want. Everything is at home. And since everything is at home, you can afford to be picky.

  • Staycation Near Water

If you are just looking for a relaxing break without too much effort or expense, the best staycation idea to consider is to spend time near water. This can be in your backyard if you have a swimming pool or at a hotel or other accommodation facility that has access to water. Staycations are about not overdoing it, so avoid anything too strenuous.

Benefits Of Staycations

Without the benefit of a location change, a staycation can be a vacation packed full of your normal routine. It can be an opportunity to relax, enjoy all the things you do for family fun during the year and try something new as well as old favourites.

Staycation is about having fun with the special people in your life that you wouldn’t normally get to spend time with. It’s memorable because it’s not every day you get to act like a tourist in your own town.

Staycations are perfect for people who cannot afford a vacation abroad but want to have a little break from work or school.

Final Takeaway 

The hardest part of going on vacation is the length of time you have to spend at the airport and airport hotels.  But with a staycation, you can keep your busy life in motion by combining activities with your vacations.

FAQs About Staycation Ideas

What do you do at a hotel staycation?

The goal of a hotel staycation is to do everything at the hotel that you would normally do somewhere else. But instead, you do it all in one room.

How do you make a good staycation?

The key to a good staycation is to have a clear idea of what you want to get out of it. Have a goal, and achieve it.

What is an ideal staycation?

Staying in a resort is considered an ideal staycation. A staycation is a perfect opportunity to keep away from all your day-to-day worries and responsibilities. It gives you a chance to take a break and relax in luxurious surroundings without spending too much.

How do you relax on a staycation?

A staycation is a vacation spent at home or close to home. It’s not used often because people hate the word, but nothing has changed. Staying home is still, all by itself, relaxing. One of the great benefits of staycations is that you already know everything about where you are staying. You don’t have to research anything before your trip.

What do you do on a staycation alone?

Why not use your staycation to improve your skills? Maybe you would want to try to learn a new language or practice photography. Or maybe you have a health problem that has been bothering you and has never had the time to deal with it. A staycation alone will give you the time to take better care of yourself.

How can I get a cheap staycation?

First, you must find cheap accommodation; it could also be in your home. Then, think about how much time you have and plan your staycation to make the most out of it. Use some of the ideas above as a guide.

How do you make a romantic staycation?

Often when you try to plan a vacation, your mind is too filled with thoughts about the fun you will have with your significant other. You shouldn’t rob yourself of the specialness of it by trying to plan things in too much detail. Just go somewhere close by where you can get away for a few days together. The two of you will likely come up with many of your own activities. 

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