Period Workout: How To Exercise On Your Period (Dos And Don’ts)

Period Workout
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We all know that exercising is good for us, but how can we go about a period workout?

Many women shy away from exercise during menstruation. They think that doing any kind of physical activity will lead to some sort of mishap, which can be pretty daunting. Meanwhile, exercise can actually relieve your period pain and cramps, as well as regulating your menstruation. 

Studies have shown that women who exercise while menstruating may experience more minor menstrual cramps and discomfort. Therefore, you don’t have to skip your workout routine when you’re on your period. 

The only option left with you is to exercise smartly during this time. You can do this by avoiding some things and adopting others. This article contains some tips to follow when you are on your period and want to exercise and the best exercises for you. 

Nevertheless, let’s start with the benefits of a period workout. 

Benefits Of Period Workout 

Every woman dreads the menstrual period, mainly because of the pain that comes with it. It’s usually accompanied by a lot of mood swings and negative bodily changes. The first step towards improving your emotional stability is to start eating well and exercising regularly.


If you are a woman who experiences pain during your period, it is likely caused by prostaglandin action. As estrogen levels rise from the second to the fourth day of the cycle, the ovary secretes prostaglandin. This initiates the contraction of smooth muscle tissue and causes menstrual cramps and painful periods. 

Aerobic activities increase circulation and slow prostaglandin production, and reduce cramps. To maintain good blood circulation and manage the pain, alternate walking or other aerobic activities with lower intensity strength training or yoga postures. These activities tone and stretch the muscles around the pelvis and abdomen where most pain occurs.

Some of the benefits of a period workout are highlighted below.

  • Period workout improves hormone balance and increases energy level
  • Working out while on your period can be a massive help for those who exercise to control their emotions. It releases endorphins and allows your system to release stress
  • Exercise is a relief to prevent menstrual cramps, reduce the way to relieve menstrual cramps and the symptoms of premenstrual syndromes, such as fatigue, abdominal bloating, food cravings and anxiety. It is also an excellent way to prevent weight gain from hormonal fluctuations.

Benefits Of Period Workout 

Best Period Workout 

There are different types of period  workouts that you can do when you are in your menstruation phase. Here are some of them which you can follow when you have your period.

  • Walking

Walking is one of the best exercises for preventing menstrual cramps, reducing PMS symptoms, and relieving the pain you experience. It helps increase blood circulation to slow down your heart rate. Walking can be less painful than jogging because you are not bouncing the uterus wall against the abdominal wall as you would while running or jumping.

  • Yoga stretches 

Yoga is an ancient, spiritual practise that is also geared toward physical health. Some yoga exercises are designed to be gentle in order not to aggravate the cramping that can occur with your period. These exercises can help you improve your flexibility overall and even release endorphins. These endorphins reduce the stress and anxiety caused by cramps and allow you to relax both during and after your period.

  • Light cardio or aerobic exercises 

Cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking and running can be performed during your period to maintain your good health and reduce stress levels. As long as you go easy on your workouts and choose a convenient time, you can perform your normal exercise regimen.

Doing cardio endurance will help you feel better, and your body will burn more calories to keep itself warm. Cardio exercise is when you run, jog, cycle, swim, e.t.c.

  • Strength Training

During the beginning phases of the menstrual cycle (the first few days), low-volume endurance training can be efficient. The oxygen consumption potential is highest during this phase. Likewise, the hormonal shifts that occur encourage anaerobic threshold improvement. If you’re doing long-distance or time-based workouts, make sure to take in plenty of carbohydrates.

Exercises To Avoid On Your Period

When your body is in good shape, almost any kind of exercise will benefit you. But not when you are menstruating. It’s easy to sideline yourself with injuries or poor performance by exercising too hard, too often, or the wrong way at the wrong time.

We already know that your period can make exercising more difficult, but your exercise routine should not be thrown out the window. Exercising is highly beneficial throughout your cycle. When on your period, it is essential to avoid specific exercises though. If you do these, it will make the process of menstruation much more difficult.


  • During strength training, make, sure you don’t swing hard with your arms, shoulders, or legs because you could injure your joints. 
  • Longer yoga sessions are also not recommended as you are more likely to have discomfort.
  • Be very careful when doing squats, jumps or anything else which requires you to squat down. This is to prevent pains or making a mess. 

How To Exercise On Your Period

How To Exercise On Your Period

Many women use their periods as an excuse to avoid exercise, eating or socializing. The reality is that during that time if you work out properly, not only will you feel better, but you’ll also find it much easier staying in shape.

1. Drink more water

When you’re with your period, you lose fluids and with exercise. If you don’t drink enough water while you’re menstruating, it can become a significant problem for your functioning.

2. Get enough rest

The right time to exercise is when it fits in with your day and does not cut into your sleep. Your body needs rest and recovery to heal and rebuild. During the first few days of menstruation (when you bleed), you will be tired. So let yourself enough rest.

3. Use the right sanitary products

Using the right menstrual products is essential for maintaining good hygiene during your period. You also need to make lifestyle changes to exercise effectively when menstruating. Use the right kind of sanitary wear, and exercise in a way that works within your body’s limitations.

4. High-intensity workouts should be avoided

During your period, there’s a good chance you will have a lower energy level. If possible, try to stick to low-impact activities such as walking, yoga, and swimming. Due to the cramps and moodiness that accompany menstruation, high-intensity workouts should be avoided.

5. Consult a doctor in case of severe cramps and pains


If you are prone to cramps, your best bet is to choose core-strengthening exercises during the first couple of days of your period. This is because different women have different premenstrual symptoms. So, it’s essential to know your own body. 

Exercise helps reduce cramping severity for some women by releasing endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. But if your core muscles are fatigued, exercising them can worsen the pain. Using the hot water bottle trick to ease menstrual cramps, though, can prevent you from straining them by exercising too strenuously.

Period Workout: Hygiene Tips

Pads are the most popular form of period protection. If you choose these, make sure to pick one with extra protection on its wings or back. This will prevent any leaks from reaching your clothes. Make sure to check out the sizing options before buying your pad too. If you’re very active when it’s that time of the month, then you might want to select a pad with extra length.

  • Frequently change your Period product. 

Second, you should always change your period products after a few hours of light exercise. For women who use a tampon, this usually means changing it at least every 3 to 4hours. So if you’re going out to the gym for a couple of hours in the morning, you should make sure to change your tampon before leaving.

  • Wear a clean underwear

Another important rule about exercising while having your period is to always wear clean underwear. When you sweat, your period blood can leak out of your pad or tampon. Wearing clean underwear will help to keep you feeling fresh during your workout. They may also help protect against any irritation caused by your menstrual flow.

  • Wear dark colours 

If you don’t usually use tampons, then stay with your present method of protection. The best way to handle period stains is to wear dark-colored (navy, black, or brown) cloth-like pants if possible. Wash them separately from other clothes in your laundry basket.

Final Takeaway 

To get the most benefit from aerobic exercise during your period, you should do at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a day. The key is to modify the intensity of your workout. If it’s too intense, then you run the risk of stressing your body out even more.

If the thought of exercising on your period fills you with dread, it’s time to face your fears. Because the right exercise plan can help you have a healthier menstrual cycle and reduce period symptoms. Your doctor can give you advice about which kind of period workout might suit you best. However, a basic rule is that exercise should not hurt.

FAQs About Period Workout 

Which exercise is best during periods?

Exercise can take many forms, but aerobic activity such as running or brisk walking is the most beneficial for most women.

Can I do squats on periods?

You may be surprised to know that women can, in fact, do exercises while they are on their periods. As long as the period workout are of the mildest kind, there is no harm in them! This includes leg squats. While doing squats on periods, you should also remember to be careful and lift only a weight you feel comfortable with.

Should I workout on first day of period?

The first day or two of our periods can be a real drag. However, you don’t need to skip your exercise and feel bad about yourself. What you may find is that you’ll want to rest during the first couple of days of your period. It’s completely fine if you want to do that. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always feel like you’re not in the mood to work out.

Can you run on your period with a pad?

It depends. Running on your period might sound like an impossible challenge. But if you can afford to change your pad or tampon regularly, you may be able to do it without issues. It takes a little planning. However, with some research and proper preparation, you can make sure that your next run is a good one.

Is it better to workout in a pad or tampon?

Tampons are generally better than pads if you are training hard at the gym. The greater risk factor comes from leakage, which can damage your underwear. Pads can also make your skin extremely sore, especially if you use heavy flows. This means inserting a tampon is your best option.

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