Detailed Over 30 Hormone Solution Review 2022: Truth Or Scam?

Over 30 Hormone Solution
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Over 30 Hormone Solution is a product that is formulated to help reduce the symptoms of low estrogen. It doesn’t sound like much, but this small change can make a big difference in how you look and feel.

If you are like most women, you might be wondering what is happening to your hormones. Hormones are not only responsible for the menstrual cycle, but they can make or break your figure. 

Because hormonal shifts in women occur slowly, it is normal to wonder what has happened to your body over the years.

Many people have been searching for a solution to these problems. One of the most popular products in the market that is gaining popularity is the Over 30 Hormone Solution. 

Unfortunately, searching for accurate information about it on the Internet is difficult. This is because of so many fake and biased reviews aimed at promoting the product. So, I feel compelled to help spread the honest word on this product.

Here are some of the key details about the Over 30 Hormone Solution that you need to know, before jumping into it or purchasing it.

What Are Hormones?

Hormones are chemical messages made by one organ of the body that target another organ. Hormones are released into the bloodstream and carried to their targets. This is where they act as on-off switches for functions like growth, metabolism, sexual development, mood, memory, behaviour and sleep.

Hormones play a role in virtually every aspect of your health, from sports to weight loss and everything in between. They help regulate your mood, body fat levels and even your sex drive. An imbalance in hormones can cause problems. Unfortunately, some people naturally produce too much or too little of a specific hormone.

What Is The Over 30 Hormone Solution?

Over 30 Hormone Solution is a natural blend of ingredients designed to help women lose weight, especially after the age of thirty. Debbie Anderson designed it.

This natural formula helps to balance estrogen and progesterone levels while simultaneously curbing appetite. 

The result is greater fat loss, higher energy levels, and lower body fat once spent body fat stores are burned off.

Furthermore, the program introduces you to innovative concepts that allow your body’s metabolism to ignite again. This, in its turn, guarantees for the rapid burning of fat. The program is based on concepts described in Mayo Clinic Proceedings by medical experts.

How Does Over 30 Hormone Solution Work?

The Over 30 Hormone Support system was created to help women achieve a healthy balance of hormones. Additionally, it supports a strong metabolism. 

Women’s bodies naturally start producing fewer enzymes needed for optimal digestion as they age.

This causes the body to struggle with digestion and absorption from food. Over 30 Hormone Solution uses phytoestrogens and other nutrients to balance estrogen, cortisol, leptin and enhance metabolism.

It supplies vital nutrients for keeping estrogen levels balanced, essential for burning fat and building lean muscle. 

The program is based on the most recent research that reveals the significant impact of the hormone VEGF. This hormone regulates our metabolism by controlling blood circulation.

Who Can Use It?

Over 30 Hormone Solutions provides women with the recommended levels of natural hormones that they need for optimal health. It was designed for women over age 30 but can be used by all adult females.

Ingredients In Over 30 Hormone Support 

Over 30 Hormone Support is a natural supplement that helps maintain estrogen levels in women in their 30s. 

The supplement was developed to overcome the symptoms of menopause faced by women in their 30s. This is commonly known as perimenopause, which is characterized by low levels of estrogen. Estrogen levels get lower with age and eventually get to such a level that it can affect your overall health. Some of the ingredients contained are;

  • Soy Isoflavones

Soy Isoflavones are naturally occurring plant phytoestrogens. They are found in soybeans and other legumes. However, the extent of their absorption is highly dependent on the methods used to process these beans. 

Soy Isoflavones are also called phytoestrogens. This is because they can bind to both ER+ and ER- estrogen-responsive cells within the body. 

When binding with these estrogen-sensitive cells, soy Isoflavones can indirectly elevate or lower estrogen levels in the bloodstream.

Thus, allowing them to impact numerous human physiological responses. Including skin health, cognitive function, metabolism speed and cholesterol levels. Others include; blood clotting rates/red blood cell health, bone mineral density levels, and hormone levels.

  • Red raspberry

Raspberries are among the most decadent foods with antioxidant flavonoids. These include ellagic acid, quercetin, gallic acid, cyanidin, pelargonidin, peonidin and delphinidin. Raspberry helps in losing weight by reducing your appetite and burning fat. Additionally, this formula works simply and fast with no side effects.

  • Chasteberry

The Chasteberry plant is an herb that can help the process of losing weight. Efficient in normalizing menstruation problems, Chasteberry extract can also alleviate symptoms of menopause.

It also supports hormone production and urine acidification. Besides, this plant counterbalances the side effects of hormonal contraceptives used by women to oppose unwanted pregnancy.

  • Licorice 

Licorice root is a herb used as a sweetener and flavouring agent. It has been used as an herbal remedy since ancient times. Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, a natural sweetener that stimulates the secretion of fluids. This leads to a reduction in blood pressure, a decrease in cholesterol levels, and less inflammation.

  • Blessed Thistle 

Blessed thistle is an herbal remedy. It is widely used in treating stomach ailments, especially impaired digestion. It enhances the secretion of gastric juices and improves the functioning of the intestines. Blessed thistle is also often taken if there are problems related to growth rates in children.

  • Black Cohosh

Black cohosh, or Cimicifuga racemosa, is a plant from the buttercup family native to eastern North America. It is used as a dietary supplement due to its estrogen-like effects. Furthermore, it is used as a remedy for hot flashes and menstrual problems. Black cohosh causes several different reactions in different people. So, before you begin taking this herb, it is best to consult with your doctor.

  • Red clover

Red clover is an herbaceous plant in the legume family. It has a deep blood-red flower that develops from a hairy cross-shaped stem. It is a common ingredient in herbal remedies and has many positive health benefits. Furthermore, it is used to treat various diseases and health conditions related to both men and women.

  • Sage

Sage leaves have many uses for ceremonies, healing, magic, spells, incense blends, rituals, charms, and meditation. It can be used to cleanse the mouth of tar-based products commonly known as ‘smokeless’ tobaccos. Sage is also an herbal remedy for indigestion, gas and diarrhea. Additionally, sage is anti-microbial and has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

  • Mexican wild yam

Mexican Wild Yam is in the same family as the wild yam. It has been used for centuries to relieve menstrual pain, arthritis and rheumatism, constipation, impotence, and vaginal infections.

  • Dong Quai

Dong Quai root is widely known as a natural stimulant for women’s health. Its reputation has deservedly earned it the name “female ginseng” and its reputation has spread far and wide right across Asia. One of the most well-known health benefits of Dong Quai root is that it helps to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause.

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review: Pros And Cons


  • Over 30 hormone solutions help you in burning the extra fat off your body. It is natural and herbal, which makes it perfectly safe.
  • It is designed in such a way that one does not have to experience any side effects after taking it.
  • Also, it starts working immediately after you begin taking it. Its effects will last for months or even years.


  • It can be purchased online only.

Is Over 30 Hormone Support Safe?

How Much Does Over 30 Hormone Solution Cost?

This formula contains 60 Capsules per bottle costs $59.00. It can be purchased from the official website.

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review: What Other People Are Saying About It

”I’ve been using the Over 30 Hormone Solution for a while now, and I can honestly say that I’m seeing some fantastic results. My hormonal acne has cleared up, and my energy level is way up.- Diane 


“I have been taking the hormone solution for about a month now and feel great! Also, I have lost about 4 pounds, and my bloat has gone away. I have more energy, less stress, and sleep better. This product is awesome!!”- Tracy V.


I am now in my mid-forties and started to notice some weight gain around my midsection. Before now, I was also experiencing some fatigue and irritability. I had no idea that this was due to low hormone levels. I started researching natural ways to boost hormones and came across “Over 30 Hormone Solution”. This is an easy-to-follow program that has helped me feel like my old self again!- Georgia M.

Final Verdict 

This capsule is a dietary supplement that has been designed to ‘reset’ the hormones of women over 30 years of age. It is not a magic pill for instant weight loss.

However, it can help you gain power back over your body after relinquishing control to your natural ageing process.

There’s no denying that over thirty hormone support supplements are essential for weight loss. Yes, this product does indeed target female customers that are aged 30 and above.

Additionally, this product does not just talk about ways to achieve weight loss. Rather it shows you how to lose weight naturally while resetting your hormones to their optimum state.


Does over 30 hormone solutions work?

Yes, if you take Over 30 hormone solutions as directed. It repairs hormonal issues. This hormone supplement is designed to restore female hormones. 

Hormones undergo a transformation at or before the age of 30. For most women, these changes cause imbalances, which may lead to depression. It is intended for women who suffer from these imbalances and do not want to undergo hormone replacement therapy.

What is the best way to balance your hormones?

Balancing your hormones can make a big difference in overall health. It is really worth the time and effort to take care of your body in this way. You can balance your hormones with diet, exercise habits, social activities and even hobbies.

How long does it take for over 30 hormone support to work?

When you get your first over 30 hormone support, you’ll start to feel its effects in about seven days.

The truth of the matter is, no one can say exactly how long it will take for excess hormone levels to go away. 

The time frame varies from person to person, all dependent on your current hormone level at the time of treatment. This makes it tricky when trying to come up with a close estimate of how long it will take for over 30 hormone support to work.

How do you know if your hormones are out of balance?

If they’re out of balance, every biochemical process goes slightly wrong. Your body will malfunction at a measurable level and possibly severe levels too. Hormone imbalances can lead to symptoms like weight gain (from insulin resistance and leptin resistance).

It can also lead to food cravings if it is depression, anxiety, lack of energy or motivation, and many other unexplained symptoms.

How do I know if I have a hormone deficiency?

A hormone deficiency can sometimes be challenging to diagnose because there are so many variables. There are many kinds of hormone deficiencies. The most common in men is low testosterone. Men with low testosterone can have less sex drive, joint pain, fatigue and depression. It can also result in lower muscle mass, excess belly fat and osteoporosis.

The most common in women is maybe peri-menopause when estrogen plummets. Women with low estrogen have vaginal dryness, hot flashes, sleep problems, joint pain, fatigue, brain fogginess and insomnia.

What kind of doctor should I see for a hormone imbalance?

Well, there are different ways to treat hormone imbalances, depending on the problem. Some of the most common types of hormone imbalances are caused by hormonal contraceptives (birth control pills).

It would be appropriate to see an Andrologist (male reproductive expert) or a Gynecologist (female reproductive expert). If the imbalance is caused by other substances (such as overactive thyroid), it would be most appropriate to see a Hematologist (blood expert).

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