30 Best & Healthy Noom Snacks Ideas for Weight Loss

Noom Snacks

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For the past six months of taking the noom program, I have tried several noom foods and noom snack combinations. I lost a total of 81 pounds with Noom. In this article, I will provide you with the best 30 noom snacks that contributed significantly to my weight loss with  Noom.

30 Best Noom Snacks to Lose Weight and Fuel Your Day

1. Raw Veggies

Almost any raw fruit or vegetable qualifies as a noom snack. Vegetables like carrot, cucumber, and bell pepper are healthy, tasty, and low in calories. They can give you a dose of Vitamin C and minerals like potassium (essential for regular cell function) and magnesium (which helps to relax your muscles). Their fibre content is also beneficial.

Fibre intake is linked to a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and obesity, Joanne L. Slavin says.

2. Fresh Fruit

Fruit is one of the healthiest snacks you can eat. In their natural state, fruits contain water and a moderate amount of natural sugars (glucose and fructose). Along with other nutrients, these are refreshing to the body.

I have had very impressive and rewarding results from fruit intake, and I have since made it an integral part of my diet.

3. Whole Wheat Toast

Whole wheat toast

Whole Wheat toast is your best healthy noom snack. It fulfills both the criteria of an ideal snack: it is nutritionally complete yet low in calories. Whole-wheat bread contains fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It is also a great source of carbohydrates.

4. Non-Fat Greek Yogurt With Blueberries

Non-fat Greek yogurt with blueberries

Non-fat Greek yogurt with blueberries is a good example of a healthy snack. The yogurt has less than 150 calories and will fill you up. The berries have fibre and antioxidants that benefit your overall health and taste great.

5. Fruit Salad

Noom snacks- Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a healthy and tasty low-calorie food that has been commonly consumed for a long time. This noom snack is one of the most natural foods consisting of naturally sweet fruits such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, apples, bananas, mangoes, kiwis, and pineapples.

6. Non-Fat Cottage Cheese and Crackers

Non-fat cottage cheese and crackers

Cheese and cracker snacks are light and healthy. These are delicious, high-quality noom snacks that are not expensive. They are ideal for snacking because they give your body a lot of vitamins and are low on fat but high on taste.

7. Whole Nuts or Nut Butter Wraps

These protein-rich snacks are full of fibre and healthy fats. They’ll keep your hunger at bay for hours. A bonus is that they’re portable; you can easily take them anywhere.

If you want to buy your favourite kind of nut butter or nuts, be sure to read the nutrition labels carefully. Some are high in sugar and salt, so pick the low-salt varieties.

8. Sprouts

Sprouts are seeds and grains germinating, then harvesting, boiling, drying, and salting. They’re rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Furthermore, they are much healthier than eating the same food in a seed or grain form.

Eating them with no additives can be a healthy habit and a reliable noom snack.

9. Avocados

Avocados are among the best healthy noom snacks that are low in calories. They are mostly a good source of fat but also a source of iron & vitamin E. It contains fibre and some other essential nutrients.

10. Hummus and Pita Chips

Hummus and Pita Chips

Hummus is easy to make; all you need is some chickpeas, lemon, garlic, and salt. It can be eaten with fresh vegetable sticks like carrots, radish or pepper slices, cucumber slices, celery or bell pepper, or pita chips.

11. Apple Chips

Apple chips or apple sticks are similar to potato chips, but they’re made with apples instead of potatoes. These chips have a crisp texture and slightly sweet, pleasant taste. Some recipes call for cinnamon which gives it its signature flavour.

Apple chips are made in flavours such as chocolate and cinnamon, which taste just like apple pie!

12. Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Baked sweet potato chips are a healthy noom snack. It’s hard to eat just one. The combination of fat, protein, and salt makes them even more irresistible. They’re crispy brown on the outside and creamy white inside.

Furthermore, they’re much healthier than regular fried potato chips as they’re not greasy!

13. Sweet Potato Chips and guacamole

Sweet Potato chips and guacamole

These sweet potato chips and guacamole are one of my favourite healthy snacks. Avocado is rich in Vitamin B, D, E, and K, providing health benefits to the body.

This simple noom snack will surely satisfy your craving for chips and dip.

14. Carrot Sticks With Cashew-Almond Butter Dip

Carrot Sticks with Cashew-Almond Butter Dip

Carrot sticks with cashew-almond butter dip are an excellent noom snack. These carrot sticks are all-natural and easy to make. The best part is that they taste great!

15. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a perfect noom snack food and very healthy. They are easy to make, portable, do not spoil quickly, and keep for a long time. You can easily carry hard-boiled eggs around with you.

16. Mixed Berries

healthy noom friendly snack

Mixed berries are an excellent healthy noom snack. Many berries come packed with phytonutrients, vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants. Berries are a low carbohydrate source of fibre and energy which means they are naturally high in sugar (great for your noom).

17. Shrimp Fruit Salad

Shrimp fruit salad 

When on the noom diet, it’s important to find nutritious noom snacks. Shrimp is a lean and flavorful protein providing many benefits to the body. Combine it with fruit, and you have a delicious snack.

18. Bell Pepper Salad

Bell pepper salad

Bell pepper salad is one of the easy healthy noom snack recipes containing just three ingredients. It is a no-cook recipe and very tasty. Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C and contain many phytonutrients.

19. Popcorn


Popcorn is often considered a healthier alternative to chips. It has fewer calories and fat. It is also cheaper than potato chips and other noom snacks. Usually, it is popped quickly in oil, but you can make noom-friendly popcorn by popping it in the air using an air popper.

20. Vegan Brownies

Noom Snacks- Vegan brownies

Packed with protein and antioxidants, these vegan brownies are a delicious and guilt-free treat. These brownies have no added sugar, so they are perfect for a healthy noom snack list. You can make them in 10 minutes. Furthermore, these don’t take as long to bake as any other brownie you would make at home.

21. Golden Milk Latte

Golden Milk Latte

Golden milk latte is a simple and best healthy Noom-friendly alternative to coffee. It is a super nice and creamy drink rich in anti-inflammatory healing power. It soothes the stomach for digestion, bloating, and other discomforts of IBS.

22. Veggie Chips With Oregano and Lemon

Veggie Chips with Oregano and Lemon is a great vegan Noom snack for your diet. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, this yummy snack recipe is perfect for any occasion.

23. Spicy Salsa Dipping Sauce

This dip is my new favourite for an afternoon snack or when I’m hung between meals. It’s so fresh and delicious. You can serve it with veggies or chips, but I prefer veggies.

24. Rosemary Home Fries

Rosemary Home Fries is an excellent noom snack idea. They are extremely easy with very little preparation time. All you need is potatoes, rosemary, and a skillet. They are delicious, filling, and healthy!

25. Greek Yogurt Bar

Greek yogurt bar is one of the best protein, calcium, and essential vitamin sources. They come packed with protein and taste great.

26. Apple Muffin

Apple Muffin

Apple muffin is one of the tasty noom snacks you can carry to your office or anywhere you go. It’s filled with proteins and antioxidants. The texture of the apple muffins is as soft as a cake and yet very easy to make.

27. Blueberry Banana Muffins

Blueberry Banana Muffins are healthy noom snacks you can carry anywhere with you and munch on at any time. With bananas, this muffin recipe is healthy and doesn’t contain any types of refined starch additives or processed sugars.

Blueberries are a good source of fibre which helps prevent constipation.

28. Cheese Biscuits

Cheese Biscuits or Cheese Cookies is one of the popular noom snacks you can eat while following the Noom diet. It is very easy to make at home, and it tastes excellent.

29. Rice Crackers

Rice crackers have a whole grain, gluten-free, relatively low fat, and high fibre recipe. This noom snack is incredible for your health and for losing weight. They are filling but not too heavy after eating. Eating one of these rice crackers will soon feel satisfied with just one or two crackers.

30. Mini Oatmeal Bites

These healthy little Noom-friendly snacks are so easy to make and very tasty. If you like oatmeal cookies, you will like this noom snack. The ingredient list is simple, but the taste is addictive! They’re also a perfect snack for kids.

My 30 Healthy Noom Snacks Ideas

As I mentioned earlier, I have tried all the snack ideas listed below. They not only come with rewarding weight loss results but are also very easy to prepare and organize.

Some of the listed noom foods (especially the green foods category) do not even require any form of cooking.  Therefore, the noom snacks appeal even more to those who do not like to get messy with cooking.

That said, here are my 30 recommended noom snack ideas that will help you in your dieting goal:

S/N Noom Foods Noom Food Category
1 Raw Veggies Green
2 Fresh Fruit Green
3 Whole Wheat Toast Yellow
4 Non-Fat Greek Yogurt With Blueberries Green, Yellow
5 Fruit Salad Green
6 Non-Fat Cottage Cheese and Crackers Green
7 Whole Nuts or Nut Butter Wraps Yellow, Red
8 Sprouts Green
9 Avocados Yellow
10 Hummus and Pita Chips Green
11 Apple Chips Green
12 Baked Sweet Potato Chips Yellow
13 Sweet Potato Chips and guacamole Yellow, Red
14 Carrot Sticks With Cashew-Almond Butter Dip Green, Yellow
15 Hard-Boiled Eggs Yellow
16 Mixed Berries Green
17 Shrimp Fruit Salad Green, yellow
18 Bell Pepper Salad Green
19 Popcorn Yellow
20 Vegan Brownies Green
21 Golden Milk Latte yellow
22 Veggie Chips With Oregano and Lemon Green
23 Spicy Salsa Dipping Sauce Yellow
24 Rosemary Home Fries Red
25 Greek Yogurt Bar Yellow
26 Apple Muffin Green
27 Blueberry Banana Muffins. Green
28 Cheese Biscuits Yellow
29 Rice Crackers Yellow
30 Mini Oatmeal Bites Green


What Is The Noom Diet?

The Noom Diet is a weight loss program designed by Noom Inc. It focuses on proper nutrition and exercise to help people live healthier lives. It is a diet program that combines nutritional science with nutritional psychology and helps you make healthy eating and lifestyle changes. 

By tracking weight, measurements, and food intake, the Noom Diet aims to help individuals reach their fitness goals to be healthy and happy.

Noom Food Categories: What to Eat on Noom 

The noom system sorts foods into different categories to help people make better food choices.

Grouping foods into categories makes it easier to follow a diet that includes food you like. This is because you do not have to think about the food’s attributes other than its colour. After all, you already know what foods fit into each group.

For example, the recipes written for the Noom diet system use Green foods. So, if you are craving chocolate cake, just remember it is red food and avoid it. Additionally, Red foods are only allowed on certain days based on your goals, whether you want to lose weight or get fit.

By paying attention to these colours, you can control your eating habits and live a healthy lifestyle.

Noom diets are colour coded into these three primary food groups.

Note that under the noom program, no food is considered off-limits.

However, as previously hinted, noom Red foods are more calorie-dense than others. Therefore, you may only take them if within your calorie budget. These red foods generally do not over a high nutrient concentration.

Green foods have a considerable amount of water content. They get you filled up with a small quantity consumed. These Green foods are low-calorie-dense foods with the highest nutrient concentration.

As a rule in the noom program, the following are the proportions for the noom food categories;

  • Green foods: 30%
  • Yellow foods: 45%
  • Red foods: 25%

Noom Green Foods

These foods are very healthy and highly recommended for this diet. They include; Potatoes, Tomatoes, Apple, Corn, Onion, Pineapple, Lettuce,  Carrots,  Non-fat Yogurt, Tofu, Peas, Brown rice, Whole-grain cereal, and Strawberries.

Noom Yellow Foods

Yellow foods are foods that have some benefits but limited downside. They include; Mashed potatoes, Grilled chicken, Eggs, White rice, Fish, Quinoa, Avocados, Low-fat dairy, Low-fat cottage cheese, Popcorn, Greek yogurt, and Diet soda.

Noom Red Foods

These foods are not so good to have in your limited-calorie diet. They include; Cookies, Peanut butter, Pancakes, Full-fat dairy, Full-fat yogurt, Hamburgers, Chocolate, Cake, Oils, Sugar, Honey, Fried meat or beef, and Pizza.

Who Can Use The Noom Diet Program?

Since noom focuses more on eating healthy rather than exercising, it is meant for people who want to focus on diet rather than exercise.

It is also great for those who want to live a more healthy life by eating healthy. 

Although, it also offers essential workout guidance.

How does The Noom Diet work?

The Noom Diet is a weight loss program that lets you track your food intake and record the meals you eat and the exercises you have done. It works by tracking your eating habits and calculating the calories you should eat to lose weight. 

This is located on the Noom Health website, which can be used with any device as it has a mobile app. 

The app starts by asking about your current weight and how much you hope to lose. Your biodata and the expected time you hope to achieve your weight loss goals are also collected.

It helps you know the best food to eat by measuring them on a scale.

The diet involves you recording information about your meals taken daily.

It then categories them under green, yellow and red to help you know how healthy you eat. This helps you check your eating habits and improve your health.

How Much Does Noom Diet Cost?

Noom has both a free and a paid version. Subscription plans for Noom’s 1-month membership start at $59 per month.

The benefit of the paid version over the free one is that more of your personal information is collected. This means the solution to your weight loss is accurately created compared to the free version.

Noom Whole Foods Sample 

Best for Breakfast  The Best for Lunch Best for Dinner 
Apple Banana Oatmeal  Cottage Cheese with Carrots and Hummus Black bean soup 
Green smoothie with berries Whole-grain wrap with hummus, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and cucumber pasta with fresh tomatoes, olives and garlic 
Spinach omelet with feta cheese and toast  Tofu Stroganoff  Ground turkey burgers
Avocado and egg toast  Low-calorie mushroom soup  Broccoli Chicken Stir Fry with vegetables 
Strawberry oatmeal breakfast bars  Mediterranean quinoa salad  Sweet potatoes and carrot rostis


What I Eat a Day on Noom: Sample Meal Plan

This is a sample meal plan for the Noom diet. It’s the plan I used. Nevertheless, your meal will vary depending upon your own macronutrient needs.

Sample One

  • Breakfast: Green smoothie with berries
  • Snack: 5 nuts and dried pear
  • Lunch: Miso soup with tofu and brown rice
  • Snack: Carrot sticks with almond butter
  • Dinner: pasta with fresh tomatoes, olives, and garlic 

Sample Two

  • Breakfast: Plain Bagel with 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
  • Snack: Greek Yogurt Bar
  • Lunch: 70g Non-fat Cottage Cheese with Carrots and Hummus
  • Snack: Vegan Brownies
  • Dinner: Chicken Breast and brown rice served with broccoli
  • Evening Snack: Avocados

Pros And Cons of Noom Diet

Whether you want to lose weight or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle, the Noom diet is a fantastic choice. In recent years, thousands of people have favoured this easy-to-follow diet. Several positive aspects are associated with the Noom diet, but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.


  • It is an affordable option. It doesn’t cost much to go all-natural with your food options.
  • There are numerous options for you to try. Noom offers a variety of recipes to help control that calorie intake. 
  • With the easy way Noom sets up portion sizes, creating meals on your own is easy.
  • It’s available online and can be accessed at any time.


  • It can make you feel very hungry at times

FAQs About Noom Snacks

Can you eat Popcorn on Noom?

Yes, you can.

If you’ve ever been on a diet before, I am sure you have heard the term “eat clean.” It means that you can no longer eat junk food and that every bite you take must be nutritious. 

This is especially difficult for people who love salty snacks like popcorn.  However, you can still enjoy a healthy and delicious popcorn noom snack.

Are any chips yellow on Noom?

Yes, there are.

Most people want to know if any unflavored chips on the book diet are yellow. Naturally, there are specific unflavored chips that have a little more calories than you expect.

Noom produces a range of low-fat crisps. There are currently two flavours in their range, both being BBQ flavoured.  The first Noom BBQ flavour is American Cheese, and the second is Colby & Cheddar. 

Both flavours use 100% natural cheese ingredients and natural tomato and onion flavourings and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

What snacks help you lose Weight?

Plenty of healthy snacks out there won’t sabotage your weight loss goals. The key is finding the right ones for you.

Some of the steps to follow are;

  1. Avoid Processed and Packaged Snacks
  2. Choose High Protein Snacks
  3. Stop Eating Calories at Night

What are the examples of yellow foods on Noom?

Nutritious yellow foods you should enjoy on your Noom program include foods like; avocados, salmon, chicken, turkey, potatoes, eggs, tofu, chickpeas, lean ground beef, and low-fat dairy are good potassium, vitamin D, and calcium sources. 

How easy is it to cancel Noom?

It’s free and straightforward to cancel your account.

  1. Log in to Noom
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Scroll down to find the Cancel Membership button

However, there are much more complex procedures if you want to get your money back immediately.

Why are cheerios a red Food on Noom?

Cheerios are whole grains, and that makes them healthy food, right? So why are they red? The reason is that Cheerios contain gluten and a lot of sugar, which might be unhealthy for some people.

What are red foods on Noom?

Olive oil, pork, dairy products, bacon, French fries, and hamburgers fall under this category.

What colour are eggs on Noom?

In the noom diet, eggs fall under the yellow foods category. This means that it contains some calories, but eating them is acceptable.

How is Noom different from weight watchers?

Noom gives you no fluff, no gimmicks, no hidden agendas. It does not promote any quick fixes or unrealistic claims. 

Instead of enrolling in a weight loss program and enjoying only the first few weeks before the dreaded plateau.

Noom helps you understand the hidden sources of calorie intake and how to remove them from your diet. This allows your body to adjust its efforts to burn fat naturally.

Weight Watchers is a popular dieting plan focusing on weight loss by counting calories. According to the program, the average adult woman should eat 1,200 to 1,800 calories daily, and the average man should consume 1,500 to 2,400 daily to burn fat and lose weight. 

The Noom app works along the same lines and encourages its users to count calories. 

From meal plans and food statistics to calorie counting and diet planning, Noom offers applications for mobile devices, including Android phones and Apple iPhones. 

Here is how Noom compares with Weight Watchers.

While Weight Watchers teaches us that we can lose weight by counting points, Noom guarantees a healthy weight loss through effective behaviour modification techniques.

Is Noom a fad?

As more and more people recognize how important it is to lose weight and stay in shape.

They want to know the easiest and most efficient way of doing so. 

While there are many ways to approach this, some are tricky and might take months or even years to achieve the desired result. 

That’s why it’s no wonder that today, many people are starting to base their fitness regimen on Noom.

What is a good Noom breakfast?

The answer is complicated.  It depends on several factors like your daily caloric limit, goals, weight loss and fitness level. 

Noom breakfast foods are delicious and nutritious. Being on a diet shouldn’t be boring, because you can eat a lot of good food and still lose weight. Noom breakfast recipes can prove that healthy eating is fun. For those who want to kick start their metabolism, the ideal Noom breakfast is the high-protein option.

A good example is scrambled eggs with spinach, roast turkey, and tomatoes.

Almost all of the Noom breakfasts listed below are simple to prepare, even for beginner cooks. Some of them are;

  1. Make a smoothie: frozen berries, bananas, perhaps other fruits
  2. Have a granola bar or trail mix: low-sugar, protein-filled
  3. Go for oatmeal: high in fibre and protein; add nuts, berries, and cinnamon.
  4. A medium-sized bowl of low-sugar yogurt with fruit.

A good Noom breakfast includes healthy fat, lean protein, and a small amount of fruit. It is also best to have vegetables are also great in the morning.

Is there a free version of Noom?

Noom has a free and premium version. Whether Noom’s free version is correct for you depends on your particular weight loss goals (achieving certain weight loss milestones will require upgrading to the premium plan) and health needs. 

You can use it easily in three easy steps;

  1. Download the Noom for Android app
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Select your weight loss goal and get started! 

Noom’s premium subscription will allow you to personalize your account, set multiple goals, and develop a daily action plan with unlimited support from coaches.

How successful is Noom?

Noom is a global leader in digital health and wellness software. They help people control their health and reach their goals related to weight loss or a healthier lifestyle overall.

It is hard to determine how successful Noom is because they haven’t released any public numbers. However, the company has many dedicated customers, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

How long is the Noom program?

When investing time and money, it’s only reasonable to want to know what you’re signing up for. 

The Noom program covers the essentials of weight loss, exercise, and diet management, no matter which plan or path you choose. It takes approximately 4-10 weeks (depending on your commitment to the program). 

Final Takeaway

One should understand that these noom snacks are also suitable for our diets besides their health benefits. This is possible because these snacks help reduce weight and improve the digestive system. 

The good news is that it is not expensive to access any snacks best for the noom diet. Take advantage of these 30 delicious snacks and enjoy your weight loss journey, just like I did.

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