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There are over 88 billion monthly searches by Americans for the best and easiest ways on how to lose weight fast.

This makes weight loss a vital subject of discussion.

In as much as there are so many articles in this regard, there are more theoretical than practically written articles available.

This definitive guide to weight loss has been practically written to get you started on your journey.

It contains 6 successful real-life stories of people’s weight loss journey with video evidence.

The unique part is that you take away knowledge, motivation, and experience to start and complete your weight loss journey.

How to Lose Weight?

Having excess weight can be demoralizing and is capable of diminishing your overall confidence.

Regardless of this, gaining weight is not the worse that could happen to anyone because shedding such weight is possible.

The reason people start their weight loss journey and lose the will to continue is a lack of motivation.

Asides from not having the right motivation, a lot of people do not understand their body types.

The fundamentals of losing weight require that you adhere to simple weight loss tips.

Some general and common weight loss tips include;

  • Drink a lot of water

 Water helps to keep your body hydrated and your system functioning at full capacity. Drinking water can boost body metabolism and quicken the weight loss process. Similarly, replacing soda with water contributes to keeping excess sugar from the body.

How much water should I have daily?

You should take about three liters of water daily to reap its benefits.

  • Avoid fatty and greasy food

Greasy foods cause stubborn fat to build up in the body. Once you can cut down on excessive oil and fat, your weight loss journey becomes more effective.

 Does this mean I can’t have fatty foods?

No! There are some healthy fats that your body requires. Food like avocados, cheese, and nuts are nutritious for you.

  • Drastically reduce sugar intake

 Sugar is soluble carbohydrates that are sweet tasting. When carbohydrates are consumed, they are broken down into sugar. Sugar is categorized into natural sugar and added sugar. Natural sugar is one contained mostly in fruits. Added sugar on the other hand is processed sugar. This type of sugar is harmful to the body.

 Can natural sugar make me add weight?

Natural sugar when eaten in moderation does not increase your weight. Except there is hidden added sugar in it.

  • Start a simple workout plan but be consistent

Table 2: Everyone needs to carry out exercises as often as possible. Asides from aiding weight loss, it keeps the body fit and healthy. When starting your workout, do not rush it. Slowly graduate from one stage to another. This way, the body doesn’t break down.

How do I start exercising?

If you don’t have a couch or you are not enrolled in the gym, find a simple workout plan to guide you. As an alternative, start with long walks and graduate to jogging for a while.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks and unnatural juice

These sorts of drinks contain a ridiculous amount of sugar and are harmful to your health. The sugar over time forms excess fat in the body and causes weight gain.

 What is the best alternative for carbonated drinks?

Nothing beats a homemade smoothie with fruits and vegetables. It is both delicious and nutritious.

  • Cut down on carbohydrate intake 

Carbohydrate consists of starchy and more sugary food. The best way to lose weight is to cut down on your carbohydrate intake and do more proteins and vegetables.

Does it mean I cannot have carbohydrates?

You should have both carbohydrates and protein in your diet. Some food contains a percentage of carbohydrates and protein. However, do not have excessive carbohydrates in your diet.

  • Eat more proteins and green vegetables

 Proteins and vegetables are great for weight loss. This is because they contain less fat and are digested quickly.

 What kind of protein food should I eat to lose weight?

Eat food that is very high in protein like; Potatoes, corn, black beans, eggs, oats, and others.

  • Jump on fruits

Table 2: Fruits are important in everyone’s diet. They are extremely low in calories, and high in fiber. It helps to balance cholesterol levels

Table 3: What kind of fruits helps in quick weight loss?

Fruits that are rich in fiber and vitamins like; apples, avocados, grapes, and so on.

The 4 Integral Factors on How to Lose Weight Fast

As mentioned earlier, there are so many articles on the internet these days with guides on how to lose weight fast.

In as much as this is possible, the time frame of losing those extra pounds depends on certain integral factors;

  1. Your determination and consistency

Determination is the attribute of being resilient and steadfast despite all odds.

With determination comes consistency and this is one of the key requirements for successful weight loss.

So many people start the weight loss journey but never complete it. This is because they lack determination, hence, consistency.

  1. Diet plan you opt for

An important factor to look into before embarking on your weight loss journey is your diet plan.

Not all diet plans is recommended for all body type.

Asides from your body type, you should opt for a diet plan your body can sustain.

You certainly do not want to starve your body of vital nutrients while losing weight.

Also, your journey is not meant to punish you.

Hence, adopt a diet plan that works but still makes you happy and comfortable.

  1. The exercise or workout routine you follow

It is best to start small and graduate with time.

Avoid throwing all your weight at first try as it can cause your motivation to die quickly.

The secret is to take it one step at a time.

Whether you decide to get a personal trainer or work out on your own, follow an exercise routine that suits your size and body type.

  1. Your body type

This is the most important of all factors.

The human body varies in so many ways.

There are so many ways fats can be generated. Little wonder why some people tend to burn fats quicker than others.

The solution to this is to know your body type.

Essentially, weight can be gained differently. For example, we have; upper body fats, lower body fats, lower abdomen fat, and so on.

The way to burn these fats is different which is why you need to find what works best for your body.

This article would expose you to the risk associated with excess weight.

It would also provide a lasting solution to weight loss by examining 6 individuals who lost several pounds within a short period.

The aim is not just for you to draw hope from their stories but to pick up some tricks.

It would help you get on with your weight loss journey faster.

Health Risks Associated with Excessive Weight and Obesity

The organs in the human body work together for the full functionality of the body. That being said, what happens when a person is overweight? Excessive weight causes complex changes in hormones and metabolism. This means that it slows down the body and prevents the bones, muscles, heart, and other vital parts to carry out their roles smoothly.

Asides from the physical effect of excessive weight, being overweight can cause some health-related issues. Some major health dangers of excessive weight gain are;

  1. High cholesterol

Trans fat which is found in most processed food contains a lot of cholesterol. The fat in an overweight person is majorly composed of Trans and saturated fat. This is what results in high cholesterol which makes it difficult for blood to flow through your arteries.

  • High blood pressure

As mentioned earlier, excess weight reduces the flow of blood. Due to the inability of your heart to pump enough blood to your body, high blood pressure occurs. As the heart tries to pump more pressure, this leads to extra stress.

  • Heart Disease

An overweight person needs more blood supply. When the heart can’t supply enough blood and the blood can’t supply enough oxygen, it causes heart disease.

  • Gallstones

Gallstones are closely linked with heart disease. Once your body cholesterol in your bile increases, the risk of gallstones increases. Individuals who have excessive stomach fat stand a higher risk.

  • Kidney disease

An obese person stands a huge risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. These two conditions can lead to kidney disease. This causes your kidney to fail.

Having examined the dangers of being overweight, we would proceed to the core of this discussion.

Below are real-life experiences of individuals who have lost weight within an impressive period.

“How I lost 72 pounds without a trainer, Keto diet or intermittent fasting”- Mitch Santana


This young college lady lost about 72 pounds without a trainer, Keto diet, or intermittent fasting.

On May 7th of 2018, she was a total of 235pounds. By December 28, 2020, she had 163 pounds.

During her plus-sized days, she found it difficult to get clothes her size. 

Additionally, she always got uncomfortable and insecure about being the biggest in the room.

Her breakthrough moment wasn’t the first try.

She had tried losing weight a couple of times, but it never worked out.

However, the last time was her most provoking and determined attempt.

How she did it

  • Keep your weight loss journey a secret.

Firstly, she didn’t make her journey on how to loose weight known to people as she used to in the past.

“I kind of didn’t believe in myself, and I’ve always been in and out of the gym. So I was like, let’s see how long this lasts. Maybe it wouldn’t even be for real.”

Her strategy was keeping things on the low and not letting anyone know. For her, it was better this way In case it backfired.

She recommends that it is best to let people see the changes themselves rather than tell them.

  • Don’t keep unrealistic meal plans, but you can’t eat what you want to eat

In college, She would daily reward herself with a hot meal from one of the fancy restaurants.

“I would usually get the spicy chicken sandwich with large fries, get a drink. Also, I was drinking soda at the time. I didn’t stop there; I would go to the subway and order 3-4 chocolate chip cookies.”

She had a constant supply of honeybuns, juice that was handy to snack on.

Furthermore, she advises having fast food in her journey but not more than once a week or every other week.

She also advises getting rid of juice and soda. Start trading the juice and soda for lots of water.

If push comes to shove, you can switch to low-calorie juice.

Get an air fryer for your chicken, nuggets, and so on. Try Air fried instead of deep-fried stuff as the oil is drastically reduced.

The key to your diet eating is cutting out junk food and replacing it with small quantities of healthy food. Also, replace greasy with air fried.

  • Reduce alcohol intake

What most people don’t know is that alcohol contributes to fat. 

Hence, it is best to reduce the intake.

  • Exercise

Exercise is the last but most effective strategy that worked for Mitch.

“When I first started, I was so scared, and kind of like everyone is looking at me. I promise you, no one is looking at you.”

You don’t necessarily need a personal trainer. Mitch started on the treadmill while putting it on an incline.

“You don’t have to start running. Just put the treadmill on an incline and walk for like 40-50 minutes 5x a week. When you get comfortable enough, you can start jogging.”

Try to start very simple. Use the stair master after some workout session to tone your muscle.

You can decide to focus on your arms by using machines for arms, or you can focus on your legs. Whichever you choose first is fine.

Mitch’s eating Time Table.

Breakfast: A boiled egg and yogurt.

Lunch: Healthy fruits (grapes, apples) and crackers. An alternative is eating salmon and potatoes.

Dinner: Eat a healthy but light meal

If you’re not a fan of eating vegetables, this veggie smoothie recipe is for you!


  • Keel
  • Spinach
  • Pineapple
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Flaccid
  • Grapes
  • Water
  • Honey


Blend it all till it becomes smooth.

You can drink this veggie smoothie along with your breakfast in the morning or your lunch.

Note: The Major reason you’re eating is to be satisfied and not full.

”How I lost 33 Pounds in 2months”- Hafsa Yass

 ”As a child, I was a chubby child. In high school, I was a size 12 then I went to 14 and 16.”

 Hafsa stopped watching what she was eating at some point and started eating junk.

 Junk food was her problem just like many plus-sized people.

 Hafsa consumed 1200-1500 calories each day.

 However, her breakthrough moment was when she got to college and started feeling insecure about her size.

How She Did It

  • Set up your healthy diet

She set up her healthy diet which consisted of high protein, low carbs, and cut off all the junk food.

  • Have 2 liters of waters daily

Water is commonly known to be good for the body and overall skin health. However, what most people don’t know is that water helps with weight loss. It also supports you in exercising better.

 ” Morning and night, I had green tea. Like three cups of green tea and I had water.”

 This was the only liquid she had.

  • Regular exercise

” I would exercise four times a week, so I would go to the gym four times a week.”

 She usually did cardio but didn’t leave out the weights.

 From her experience, it is best to do 50% of each (cardio and weight) as this is most effective.

 Also, cardio makes you lose weight everywhere (including areas you don’t want to). 

However, weight strikes the balance for you. It helps you get the perfect body during your journey on how to lose weight.

 When do you Start Seeing the Changes?

In the first two weeks of her weight loss journey, she started seeing a huge difference.

 ” I started to see my weight changing the first two weeks. My collar bones sticking out, my face was getting slimmer and my arms were getting slimmer.”

This was Hafsa’s motivation to continue the journey. Once you start seeing changes, your motivation increases.

“How I lost 25 Pounds in 2 Months”- Emily Myint

 “It was definitely a journey, and it took a lot of hard work and determination.”

 Emily wasn’t always fat as she used to do competitive dancing.

 She was always at the studio, eats whatever she wanted and never gained weight.

 During college, she gained a lot of weight. 

She began her weight loss journey during her sophomore year but gained a ton of weight again. This happened in her senior year just by eating junk.

 ” I would just get McDonald’s, chicken nuggets and large fries.”

 She started eating a lot and was not working out.

” Part of my motivation was that I just wanted to look better in my clothes.”

How She did it

  • Switch to Vegan

Emily switched to vegan for about 30 days. However, after the period she continued as a vegan.

This was what helped to jumpstart her weight loss journey. 

It might seem a lot difficult for many people, but Emily pulled through successfully.

” I just wanted to lose weight so badly that I didn’t miss eating red meat.”

  • Join the gym

After joining the gym around the new year, Emily was working out 5-6 times every week. 

She was working out about 3 hours daily. 

She started with cardio machines and would start doing different cardio machines and do 25-30 minutes.

” I would get on the treadmill and put on incline and do a speed walk for like 20 minutes.”

 After which, she would do a bike or roller. Which makes it about 3-4 machines each day.

 Emily did the biceps machines for toning, including leg toning machines.

  •   Try intermittent fasting

” Once 8pm reaches, I didn’t eat anything and I didn’t eat the next day until 1pm.”

 Working out with intermittent fasting works a lot.

  •  Using a weight loss app

You use weight loss apps to calculate how many calories you eat daily. This helps you track what you eat daily. 

Also, it helps you monitor your exercises.

You can tell how many calories you have had daily and how much you have remaining.

 Her motivation

” It’s a big boost when people notice you lost weight.” 

This helps in assuring you that the work you did actually paid off.

”How I lost Over 250 Pounds”- Lacey Baier

” Loosing weight is different from loosing body fat.”

 During Lacey’s journey on how to loose weight, she realized that losing body fat is healthier than losing weight. It also lasts longer.

 This is because it puts your health into consideration.

 ”Losing body fat changes your lifestyle, attitude and motivation for being a healthier person.”

The best way to lose fat is to approach it from a healthy lifestyle so as not to regain lost weight.

 How she did it

  • Consider Intermittent Fasting

This requires you to stay a long period without eating. 

This means you get to eat when you’re actually very hungry.

  • Start Strength training

This means training your muscles to get stronger.

” Strength training is known to keep burning your fat even at rest after your workout.”

  • Increase daily movement

Stay as active as you can daily. ” Asides from the time you’re exercising a day, how active is your body?”

 You should ensure taking a couple of steps a day.

  •  Track your Macros

Calculate the calories you’re taking a day. However, you should still focus on the quality of food you take while at it.

  • Reduce your refined carb intake

These carbs are found in packaged and processed food. They easily get stored in the body as fat and contributes to weight gain.

  •  Increase your daily fibre intake

This helps you burn fat, especially for high fibre foods.

  •  Drink caffeine

Food like coffee and dark chocolate helps increase your metabolism. This increases your fat-burning potential.

  •  Eat healthy fat

Eating healthy fat would help you cut down overall fat. 

It is the good fat the body needs. These sorts of food help you feel full easily. 

This means you don’t have to eat as much. Another advantage of healthy fat is that they digest slowly.

  • Drink apple cider vinegar

You can dilute it with water and have a lot of it per day.

  • Get adequate sleep

Focus on having a good nighttime routine. 6-7 hours per day can do a lot for you. 

Less sleep reduces your body metabolism and this prevents you from burning a lot of fat.

  •  Eat enough protein

It is great for muscle growth and loosing fat in your abdomen.

Note: The goal is to find the best way on how to lose weight that can keep you happy. This way, you can keep the fat out for much longer.

”How I lost 77 Pounds with no Gym”- Opal Stacie

Stacie started out with 277 pounds previously.

” I have always been heavy my entire life.”

During Stacie’s first pregnancy in 2009, she moved from 150-230.

After losing a lot of the weight, she got pregnant again.

Stacie started taking substances to help with the weight. She was losing weight from not eating well.

 ” After I got pregnant for my third son in 2016, I gained all the weight back when I gave birth to him.”

 During her six weeks appointment, she had forgotten to bring the baby. 

There was a lot going on and her excess weight was the icing on the cake.

At the clinic, she found out she had increased to 225 pounds. 

That was when she got down with postpartum depression.

According to her, she ate a pint of ice cream daily afterwards.

” So I went from 225 to 277 pounds.”

It was then she realized she had to do something about the weight. She needed to learn how to loose weight fast.

 How she did it

  • Find out what the problem is

For Stacie, it was the sugar and ice cream.

” I slowed down on sugar in my coffee and stopped the ice cream.”

Weeks after this, she started dropping massive weight. In about two months, she dropped from 277 to 240 pounds.

This was more motivation for her.

  • Drink up to a gallon of water daily

” If you can’t do a gallon, do half.” You just need to keep drinking lots of water daily.

  •  Get moving

Instead of the gym, go for walks at least 30 minutes a day. This works!

”How I lost Massive Weight in 12 Weeks”- Ross Miller

Ross, a college student started off weighing about 249 pounds. 

After a consistent workout and good eating, he fell to about 188 pounds.

His determination and consistency drove him to lose about 60 pounds in 12 weeks.

How he did it

  • Eat in moderation

In dieting, do not necessarily starve yourself. 

Eat what you want in moderation. Diets hardly work because it takes a huge level of sacrifice. 

The trick instead is to eat what you like but in moderation.

  • Exercise

” Focusing on one goal at a time is extremely powerful.”

Ross started with cardio instead of weight, you can opt for either.

If you don’t like running, you don’t have to run. Do at least 45 minutes of stair master.

  • Find your reason why you want to lose

This helps you with consistency and determination.

  • Set small goals

Ross kept setting goals each period to lose minimal pounds. 

For each success come fresh heights of determination.

Note: Do not take weight loss as a diet but a lifestyle. This makes it more permanent.

Free 9-days Weight Loss Plan

How to lose weightHow to lose weight

Day 1: Lower body Workout

10 reps 3 sets body weight squats

3 sets dumbbell rolls, 10 reps 

10 reps 2 sets sumo squats

 2 sets 10 walking lunges, 10 reps

Day 2: Cardio workout

5 mins walk

20 mins jog

5 mins walk

Day 3: Take a Rest

Have a glass of healthy vegetable smoothie.

Day 4: Upper body workout

10 reps 3 sets body push-ups.

3 sets inclined dumbbell press, 10 reps 

10 reps 2 sets pull ups

5 reps 2 sets barbell curls

Day 5: Take a Rest

Have some green salad.

Day 6: Lower body workout

20 reps 3 sets body weight squats.

 3 sets dumbbell roll, 20 reps

20 reps 2 sets 10 walking lunges.

Day 7: Cardio workout

15 mins walk

30 mins jog

10 mins walk

Day 8: Upper body workout

20 reps 3 sets inclined dumbbell press

10 reps 2 sets pull ups

20 reps 3 sets body push-ups.

10 reps 2 sets barbell curls

Day 9: Take a Rest

Give yourself a treat but eat moderately 

Final Takeaway

Your best motivation to learn how to lose weight fast is to find your reason behind it.

Turn your reason to a will and a driving force for your weight loss journey. This would help you achieve more in less time.

Share your weight loss journey with us in the comment section and motivate others.

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