How To Cleanse Crystals: 12 Effective Ways (And How To Activate Them!)

How To Cleanse Crystals
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Learning how to Cleanse crystals and gemstones is very important if you want the best results and the most out of them. If you don’t cleanse your crystals, energy can build up over time and gunk up the stones.

Crystals are powerful natural healing tools that can help you in your spiritual growth. They will infuse your energy with their own energy, and this makes them psychic solid amplifiers. 

With the proper knowledge, you can attract positive energies, which will help you in all aspects of life. However, before you start using crystals, most people ask how to cleanse crystals for maximum effective results. Cleansing crystals is easy; all you need is the right approach.

There are several different methods for cleansing crystals available, and all will work well. However, you’ll find some will be better than others, depending on your intention. 

Let’s discuss some popular ways people cleanse crystals and the best methods to use for your intention. Meanwhile, it is essential to understand certain key aspects of crystals to get the best cleaning results. Keep Reading!

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are a form of mineral that is composed of a solid arrangement of atoms in a specific and characteristic pattern, called a crystal lattice. Although they stem from the earth, crystals have properties that suggest they are more than just a piece of mineral. It is as if they have their own energy fields and resonance with the universe.

Crystals have been used for ages to balance the energy of our bodies, minds and surroundings. They have been revered as sacred objects that have been used in rituals and healing practices by ancient civilizations for centuries. 

Recently they have found their way into a modern society where they are used in various ways. This ranges from decorating a room or an outfit to being worn as a bracelet or necklace.

How To Cleanse Crystals

What Crystals Are Used For?

Crystals have been around for a very long time, and they have been used in many ways. 

They are used for several reasons, and each crystal is used for different things. 

Some are used to balance your energy, bring your energy back to the center, or reset your energy altogether. Other crystals can be used to cleanse your energy field, while some are used to protect you from negative energy.

There are specific stones that can be used just to calm you. Some crystal use requires you to hold or wear it for an extended period. 

Furthermore, some can even be placed in your home or business, so the positive and protective energies will radiate outwards towards your surroundings.

However, you can also use them to decorate your house or your garden. You can even give them to your friends as a gift. 

There are numerous types of crystals available in the market.

How To Activate Crystals

When you work with crystals, there are two primary purposes that you can have when working with them. These are activation and healing. 

Activation is used to clear negative energy away from the crystal. This process is called ‘clearing’ or ‘charging.’ It is called so because the crystal’s energy is cleared to make room for vibrational energy. 

The first step to activating your crystal is to choose it. You should use this guide to help you select the correct one.

How To Choose A Crystal 

With so many crystals available to purchase, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which crystals have the qualities to suit your needs best. 

In the world of crystals, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. However, if you bear a few things in mind, you will soon discover that choosing which crystal to buy is an easy task.

  • Hold the crystal in your body for a few minutes.

When looking for a crystal, hold it in your hand for a minute or so. If you are comfortable with the way it feels, choose that one.

  • Imagine the crystal working.

You should imagine the crystal working. Imagine holding it in your hand, and it tingles or burns. I suggest picking up each crystal with your fingers and actually feel it vibrate. Try this with any crystal. As you touch the crystal, try to listen inside for any messages that might come through loud and clear, or faint and muffled, or even silent. 

  • Use prayer and meditation.

The best way to choose a crystal is through prayer and meditation. A prayer is a form of meditation that asks for guidance from a higher power or spirit, often asking to be shown the right crystal. This can be done at any convenient time. However, traditional forms of prayer involve sitting quietly before the crystal for 10 minutes. During which time one allows whatever comes to mind to be accepted as part of the process of choosing

How To Use A Crystal

Using a crystal to produce a specific effect or outcome can be a powerful tool for change. Crystals have been used for thousands of years as healing tools. 

There are many ways to work with crystals, from holding them in your hands, charging them under the light of a Full Moon, or cleansing their energy by placing them in salt or running water. 

Crystals do not have to be kept at a special angle or application of colour. They will pull their own chosen frequency from you and your surroundings.

There are many different kinds of crystals. Each is used for a different purpose. 

  • Crystals can be placed on or under the body to relieve stress, aid in healing, stop pain, improve moods, etc. 
  • They can also be used to bring positive energy into meditation or rituals or to keep crystals in your home or workplace.

A crystal is a natural source of power that can draw energy from emotions, as you know. Most people don’t realize that crystals will emit specific colours of emotional energy based on how they are touched or handled.

Crystal are great to use during meditation. I am not talking about the small quartz crystals, but the big ones. Often these are referred to as power crystals. These are great to use for clearing out things in your life that you feel weighing you down, or that have attachments on you.

Properly using crystals also entails cleansing them.

What Is Crystal Cleansing?

Crystal cleansing is a procedure that is done by the novice as well as experts of crystal healing. It’s a beneficial process to remove negative energies from crystals, gemstones and also different materials made from crystals. When you intend to cleanse your crystals, you must first ensure that your crystals are cleaned regularly.

Crystal cleansing is a very beneficial healing manifestation that has been around for thousands of years. It’s the process of removing negative energy from your crystals, as well as yourself, through a form of meditation. If you have a lot of negative emotions building up inside your body, crystal cleansing can help to release those emotions and free you from stress.

Why Does Cleansing Matter?

Each one of us deserves to be happy. This is our birthright. And one way to ensure your happiness is through crystal cleansing. 

Crystal cleansing is the process of removing energy blockages that hinder you from attaining this level of joy. You can then use crystals to replenish your body, mind, and soul with the energy that will allow you to become yourself again.

Simply incorporating the art of crystal cleansing into your life will positively impact your health, your mental wellbeing, your relationships, and your home/office. The practice comes with numerous health benefits, including; 

  • Reducing stress
  • Reconnecting you to your emotions
  • Improving mental focus and clarity
  • Reducing inflammation throughout the body, and much more.

12 Effective Ways On How To Cleanse Crystals

Regardless of how you work with your crystals, the type of crystal, or the state it’s in when you get it, your goal is to clearly understand the potential the crystal holds. 

This will help you to manifest, create, heal, protect and balance your energy. Crystals have developed their own energetic system through time, and because they are alive, they also need to be cleansed. 

The work of cleansing crystals is an opportunity to release unhealthy thought patterns from their energetic space. Once a crystal has been cleansed, it becomes a powerful tool for healing and manifesting energy into form.

The ways to cleanse your Crystals are;

  1. Add sea salt

Sea Salt for Cleansing

Sea salt can easily be purchased or gathered from the ocean. To cleanse crystals, you will fill a container with sea salt and submerge the crystals for several hours to a couple of days. Sea salt is very powerful and will absorb negative energy from any crystal that has been placed in it.

2. Place under sunlight

Place under sunlight

This is because the sunlight will cleanse and revitalize your crystals. Some people even keep their crystals or gemstones in sunlight during the day and charge them at night. When you hold your crystals in sunlight, fill yourself with positive energy. Do this by thinking about happiness and growth and feeling grateful for what you already have.

3. Place in a bowl of water

how to cleanse crystals

One easy and popular method on how to cleanse crystals is to place them in a bowl of saltwater and leave it to sit overnight.

Pour 1/2 glass of water and place the crystals in the bowl of water. As the water passes through the crystals, it will absorb the negative energy, and you’ll see your water begin to clear. Set the crystals out in the sun to dry, and they’re ready for use.

4. Mix lemon juice and sea salt

Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and sea salt. Put your crystals in a glass or ceramic bowl. Pour the lemon salt solution on them, and allow them to soak for as long as possible. 

Ensure that the crystals have been cleared from negative energies by repeating this process a couple of times every week.

5. Use sandpaper lightly

Cleaning crystals with sandpaper is an excellent way to create a surface for creative energies to flow through. This is a suitable method for stones that have already been ground and polished but feel congested or energetically clogged.

I recommend using a bit of sandpaper, a soft cloth and a bowl. Place the crystals in the bowl and sprinkle sea salt over them. Then use the sandpaper to lightly go over the crystals, being careful not to scratch or break them as this would destroy their energy.

6. Cleanse under running water

There are many ways to cleanse crystals, but running water works the best for me. The vibrations of the water remove dark energy and negative entities from crystals.

To cleanse your crystals, hold them under a running tap of water. Make sure you hold them under the cold water, not the hot. The difference in temperature between the two will shock your crystals. This can loosen up any negative energy built up through daily use or metaphysical workings.

7. Cleanse with brown rice

Cleanse with brown rice

Brown rice can be used for cleansing crystals but does not totally remove the negative energy that are connected with the crystals. Brown rice aids in absorbing energy that is connected to crystals.

The standard way to cleanse crystals is with salt, but there are other things you can use to cleanse your crystals. One of my favourite cleansing methods is by placing them in plain, organic brown rice for about a day. Ensure you dispose of the rice afterwards.

8. Cleanse under the moonlight

Cleanse under the moonlight

Another great way to cleanse crystals is to put them in the full moonlight of your bathroom window. Or even on top of the glass of the bathroom window if the window is placed high enough. This is done so you can see it through the crystal while it’s there. Being placed in full moonlight will cleanse crystals immensely. It’s very powerful and can be done safely.

9. Try sound healing 

Sound waves are an effective way to cleanse crystals. The pattern produced by the sound travels through the crystal, creating a cleansing effect. This is similar to the way in which singing bowls are used in meditation. Using specific, resonant frequencies can allow for cleansing and healing of body and mind.

10. Sage cleansing method

Sage cleansing method

Sage cleansing is a method of putting a crystal into the smoke of burning white sage. This is done in order to clear it of energy that may have been picked up from being handled or from being in a negative environment. This cleansing method will work well to release any unwanted energies.

11. Use an ammonia solution.

First, you should wash off the crystal with some nice warm water and remove any dirt. Then make a solution of two tablespoons of ammonia and let the crystal sit in it for about half an hour. This will cleanse the crystal from all negative energy. However, if the stone is old, this may have some unwanted effects on the rock. So, just try to focus mainly on your intentions as these are important.

12. Use rosewater or lavender water to cleanse during ascending moon phase

Rosewater and lavender water are effective in cleansing crystals. In addition, rosewater also helps in the release of negative energy.  Cleansing your crystal with rosewater or lavender water during the ascending moon phase is indeed a good practice that is worth following.

Using a rose or lavender water is a wonderful way to cleanse and charge your crystals. This approach adds the energies of the sun (rosewater) and the moon (lavender water) to your crystals for cleansing and charging.

One of the simple ways of doing this is to place the crystals in a container with an equal amount of water and rose or lavender oil inside it. The best time to do this is during the time between New Moon and Full Moon.

Bonus Tips On How To Clean Crystals 

Calcite, Selenite, and Herkimer diamond crystals can be cleaned by exposing them to sunlight or moonlight. 

Crystals formed in the earth may be cleaned with saltwater. 

One very popular method involves visualizing sunlight or moonlight entering the stone through the top and filling it with light. The stone is then held in your hands at heart level. Do this while you imagine this light moving inwards through the crystal chakras to cleanse it of any negative energy. After which, the crystal should be charged to manifest positive energy.

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

Crystals can be cleansed on a regular basis to remove the negative energy that you might absorb from daily life. 

Just as crystals amplify, they also pick up negative or low vibrations, both from you and your environment. This is why it is important to cleanse your crystals frequently.

Crystals should be cleansed once a month, but they can safely be cleansed more frequently under demanding circumstances. 

Some crystal healers recommend weekly cleansing for new and expensive crystals and monthly cleansing for plain quartz.


How do you charge or cleanse Crystals? 

There are many ways to charge or cleanse your Crystal. You can use sunlight, moonlight, candlelight, hand friction, chakras and more. Some methods may be more appropriate for certain types of gems than others.

How do you clean Crystals with selenite? 

You clean crystals with selenite by spraying them with water and then wiping them off. Selenite is the salt form of gypsum, which is calcium sulphate. 

A lot of crystal healing requires one to cleanse crystals before they are used for healing, spell work etc. Selenite is used in many healing practices. This is because of its ability to ‘release’ or ‘extract’ any incompatible energies from a stone, without harming the stone itself.

Where should I put crystals in my house? 

Crystals can be placed anywhere in the house that seems appropriate, even in or on electronic equipment. Place them in your bedroom, in your office, in your living room or kitchen near the stove or fireplace. You can also place them in your car, your garage, or in your garden. Crystal energy is very strong but very gentle at the same time.

You may want to put them in places in your house that need clearing and/or purifying. You can use your crystal with intentions for manifestation or clearing and purifying. Crystals do not cause you to manifest something. Instead, they help clear and purify the way for manifestation. 

Use up-facing crystals when doing energy work of any kind. Crystals also work well on a windowsill next to a sunny window but get good light from both sun and sky if possible.

How do you use a manifestation Crystal?

When you first have a manifestation crystal, you have to give it too much energy because it’s empty. After you have used the crystal for a while, it will fill up with white light energy. You can still recharge it with intention. 

This is because enough energy comes out of the aura to charge the crystal whenever you are near it. But crystals are very efficient transmitters, so after they are full, their operation is automatic.

What is the most Powerful healing crystal?

Many powerful crystals can be used for healing and protection. However, there is no definitive list of which is the most influential. 

The best way to determine which crystal has the highest level of energy and healing traits to you is through guided meditation. Hold each one in turn until you feel positive and connecting energy with the crystal. Here is a list of some of the more popular choices: Kunzite, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Carnelian, Amethyst, Citrine.

Final Takeaway 

In conclusion, there are several ways to clean crystals for maximum crystal healing sessions. In order to enjoy the most benefits from using crystals, knowing how to cleanse crystals properly is a must.  

Keep in mind that the right choice of both water and stone is quite crucial. Knowing how to cleanse crystal can lead to a more positive outcome when working with crystal healing.

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