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Dan Garner’s Best Eat Sleep Burn Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Ever heard about Eat sleep burn? What if I told you, you could 100% start burning fat the second you shut your eyeballs? Would you do it? Is Eat Sleep Burn a scam, or will this product help you burn fat? Apparently, there are many Eat sleep burn reviews on the internet, with many giving conflicting reviews. So which one do you believe? I hate being lied to, so I tried to do this honest review, so you don’t have to suffer.

The fact that I have been using the course for the past 8 months means I can authoritatively write on Eat sleep burn review, listing the advantages, side effects, how much, what you need to buy the course and even more.

Just read on to find out.

Who is Dan Garner?

Dan Garner is the founder of Team Garner, Inc., which offers high-level personalized online training and nutritional coaching for world-class results. Dan is a nutritionist as well as a strength coach.

His coaching resume is second to none, having worked with dozens of professional athletes in 13 different sports. He has worked with three Superbowl champions, one NBA championship winner, an Olympic gold medalist, two WWE champions, PGA tournament winners, IFBB bodybuilders, multiple Player Of The Year athletes, two MLB MVP winners, three hall-of-fame inductees, and three all-time world record breakers.

Dan, a best-selling author on Amazon, wrote this book detailing his struggles with weight and his methods for overcoming them. It is a personal story of how an injury turned into an opportunity to overcome and become a better athlete. 

The constant grind of training for the past eight years had left Dan feeling completely mentally and physically drained and burnt out. 

The reason? His poor eating and sleeping habits left him without energy or motivation to train hard and had even affected his love for triathlon racing. To be healthy, he took the advice of medical professionals who suggested changing his eating habits, sleep routine, and energy-burning habits daily. 

What Is Eat Sleep Burn?

Eat Sleep Burn is an ebook course Dan Garner developed to help you lose weight without going through all that stress. The book, published on Amazon on 7th November 2019, is only 183 pages long, making it the right length for an important topic.

According to the Eat Sleep Burn review on the site, the book is a world-renowned gut health, anti-inflammatory and sustained weight loss platform.’

If you have tried any weight loss diet yet haven’t seen enough results, it is time to change your routine. According to the eat sleep burn review, the root cause of weight gain and failure to lose weight is lack of sleep. This also spirals into other problems like poor focus and anxiety.

The Eat sleep burn program tends to correct this by showing subscribers how to adjust little parts of their routine to make room for great sleep, which translates to effective weight loss.

Eat sleep burn is an online weight loss program that emphasizes the importance of sleep in weight loss. This 28-days program is centred around the scientific theory that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain.

Furthermore, it provides information regarding the types of food you should eat and what meals you should combine to increase metabolism. 

This course aims to correct the popular opinion that you must diet or carry out an intense diet. It focuses on supplying you with all the information you need to burn fat faster when you sleep. In just 7 and half hours of reading Eat Sleep Burn from cover to cover, you understand these and much deeper.

One thing you won’t accuse Eat Sleep Burn of is the lack of professionals, as the course was made by professionals who leave no stone unturned in ensuring you understand the link between good sleep, a nutritious diet and weight loss. As I dive further into this eat sleep burn review, you will understand exactly that. Join me as I delve deeper to understand everything you need to know about the e-book and how it contributes to your weight loss journey.

Features Of Eat Sleep Burn

  • The program teaches you how to sleep faster and better.
  • It provides you with a tea that helps you feel lighter 
  • You would learn solid tips on what to do to boost your immune system and increase fat burning.
  • It teaches users the importance of mind and body connection and how to go about it.
  • You get to learn exercises to support your weight loss journey. The activities are not hardcore like in other weight loss plans.


  • It contains valuable tips that will help you lose weight
  • Informative tips full of wisdom for everyday life
  • Detailed illustrations for easy assimilation
  • Effective tips that will help you sleep better
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Free E-book copies worldwide


  • A 28-Day Metabolic Reset lifestyle guide
  • The Limitless Potential System
  • Free 21 days of access to the online coaching program that Dan offers

Where You Can Get the Course

You can get the Eat Sleep and Burn course in the following places;

The official Eat Sleep Burn Site

Buy on Amazon

Buy on eBay

Note: You can get digital copies of the eat sleep, and burn copies, and shipping is free. However, you can only get the bonus when you buy from the official Eat Burn Sleep.

You can contact the team at if you encounter any problems.

Who Can Use The Course?

  • People with a busy schedule
  • People who want to lose weight permanently
  • Those who hate dieting
  • People with a sleep disorder
  • People with obesity

Pros And Cons


  • It has a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with the outcome after 60 days.
  • Incorporating this program into your lifestyle is more accessible than many other programs.
  • Eat sleep burn is a perfect remedy for sleeping disorders.
  • It helps you lose weight and relieve stress without a strict diet.
  • It provides you with a sleep time tea remedy that works.


  • As a result of the fact that our body types vary, users may get different results. Some might burn faster, and others more slowly.
  • The eat sleep burn is an online program, and not everyone can keep up with an online programs.

Eat Sleep Burn Alternatives

Eat sleep burn is a great weight loss program. However, if you want to lose weight quickly, you might need to consider another option. 

A good example is Jenny Craig’s rapid results.

Jenny Craig Rapid Results is a diet plan that optimises customer health and wellness. The diet plan is built on the principles of controlled portions and eating natural ingredients. 

Unlike eat sleep burn, which places more emphasis on sleep, this program focuses on losing weight through portioned diet.

Is Eat Sleep Burn Legit?

After using this program for about a month, I would like to point out that it is effective for weight loss and general health. After I started using the program, sleeping became much easier for me.

I have also absorbed some healthy eating practices and removed stress from my daily life. The eat sleep burn program doesn’t promise rapid fat loss in a short period, so if you want rapid results, check out other weight loss alternatives. With Eat, sleep and burn, you burn your fat slowly and permanently without the stressful lifestyle that comes with weight loss.

I would totally recommend it!

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