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Custom Keto Diet Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 

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What is the Custom Keto Diet program

Are you wondering if this type of diet system can help you?

I was very careful about the information when writing this review because there are a lot of imitations and scams out there especially for weight loss programs and products. 

In this review, discover if it’s legitimate or a scam, whether or not the diet program is healthy and balanced, its cost, pros/cons and much more!

What Is A Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that has the scientific community buzzing. Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet might be more effective than a low-fat diet to help you lose weight and improve your health in multiple ways.

This diet has also been shown to have a good effect on diabetes and obesity.

From increasing energy to burning fat, experts are calling this the new gold standard of diets. However, due to its restrictive nature, it can be challenging to follow. 

The custom keto diet is a welcome development in the world of ketosis.

What Is The Custom Keto Diet Program?

The 8-weeks Custom Keto Diet Program is a personalized diet plan tailor-made to help you achieve ketosis and match your body type for optimal weight loss.

It is a highly researched, well-balanced plan designed specifically for you using macros that you tailor to your goals and schedule. 

You choose how many carbs, fat, and protein you’ll eat, the ketogenic ratio that works best for you; as well as how much fibre you need to max your weight loss efforts. 

The Custom Keto Diet also includes ketogenic recipes and support tailored to your goals.

Most keto diet plans are overly generalized, and the result of this is that they might not work for everyone.

The custom keto diet addresses the problem of one size fits all and creates an exclusive keto diet that works best for your body type. It is a diet system that helps in the reformation of body weight and fat using ketosis. 

The main objective of the program is to create a healthy lifestyle using ketosis. This diet program is a deficient carbohydrate diet, consisting of less than 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. 

Who Created The Custom Keto Diet Program?

This particular program is run by Rachel Robert, a registered dietitian and health coach. 

It is named for the fact that you get individual guidance from a professional nutritionist and certified personal trainer on how to adapt keto for your body. 

There are thousands of others programs available claiming to be based on science, but this one is based on her research into keto’s effect on thyroid hormones.

History Of Rachel Roberts

Founder Rachel Roberts developed the Custom Keto Diet based upon her experience with a ketogenic diet. 

It is a comprehensive plan, which led her to build a team of nutritionists and fitness consultants.  

In her bid to help men and women lose weight, she embarked on the journey.

She has figured out what kind of foods can be eaten along with portion sizes and adequate nutrition based on different lifestyles.

All these are part of what she included in her 8-weeks custom diet. 

How Does The Custom Keto Diet Work?

How Does The Program Work?

The custom keto diet takes your medical history, lifestyle, and food preferences into consideration to create a ketogenic diet plan that works for you.

A common mistake people make when starting the ketogenic diet is to cut out carbohydrates immediately. 

If you suffer from a medical condition, your body may depend on carbohydrates for an energy source. 

Opting for the custom keto diet helps to correct this mistake.

It takes into account certain critical biological factors and plans your diet with it.

This online program starts with extracting the bio-data and goals of the users.

Before starting the program, certain information such as your gender, desired weight, current weight, age, height, body type, allergies, activity level, and other information help customize your diet.

Note that the questionnaire should be filled correctly as it is with the information that your keto diet is customized. 

After the response is generated, your mail information is collected, and a customized plan is displayed.

It is after this that you can make payment to get your customized diet plan.

This plan includes both your meals (including recipes and portions) and workouts.

Features of Custom Keto Diet Program 

The custom keto diet program can make a significant impact on your life. 

The critical factor that determines the effectiveness of such a program is its customized nature. 

While all weight loss programs provide the same benefit, the results are not always similar for all people.

Some of the features of this program include;

  • It is a flexible program that can be tweaked to fit the client’s needs. This means that the diet is customized for every single client.
  • The custom keto diet program comes with a complete meal plan, grocery list, and everything else that your body needs to start with Ketogenic dieting.
  • Assists with weight loss and management of Diabetes.
  • Customizable diet plan based on age, gender, fitness goals etc.
  • All the food you eat will be low carb, keto-friendly, and geared toward your individual goals.

Who Can And Can’t Use The Custom Keto Diet?

The custom keto diet was created for those who are not satisfied with following the generalized keto diet.

For many, the popular ketogenic diet is not enough. 

They feel restricted and want even more of a specific nutrient. 

Customizing your keto diet allows you to change the percentage of macronutrients each day while keeping your macros in check as well. 

Doing so will allow you to meet your personal goals, whether cognitive functioning or weight loss.

This program is for everybody tired of not getting results with the same methods. 

This diet is also for just starting their weight loss journey and can’t afford to buy a coach or don’t have time to go to the gym every day.

Many other people can benefit from this diet, including certain athletes and even those who don’t want to go through rigorous exercise.

Furthermore, the ketogenic diet is effective in controlling blood sugar levels, which helps people with diabetes. 

Note that if you have a health condition such as diabetes and others, it is best to consult with your doctor to check if the diet is suitable.

Also, pregnant women shouldn’t use the plan.

Pros And Cons Of The Custom Keto Diet


  1. The program does not require you to download any software or apps to reach your weight loss goals.
  2. You get to decide how to go about your keto diet depending on your target and lifestyle- This means that the diet can accommodate both vegan and non-vegans, those who want to burn excess weight and those who hope to maintain their weight.
  3. Calorie intake calculation based on body type and weight.
  4. Accurate Determination of body fat content.
  5. It is a healthy approach to the ketogenic diet
  6. It comes with 60-days money-back guarantee.


  1. It is an online weight loss plan.
  2. You still stand the risk of experiencing the side effects of ketosis, such as headache and nausea.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

Currently, this diet costs less than $60 which, in my opinion, it is a fair price to pay for a custom-prepared diet.

Also, it doesn’t come with different plan options as you decide how you want to carry out your diet.

Why Should I Choose A Custom Keto Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

Many people opt for a custom keto diet planner for weight loss because it provides them with more flexibility during their diet. 

A customized keto diet meal plan may be the key to successful weight loss, depending on your needs. This is because customized keto diet plans are catered to each individual’s unique weight loss needs!

While there are many keto diet programs out there, none of them speak to your individual needs and requirements. 

That’s why so many people fail with their weight loss goals. It’s because they fail to tailor their diet plan to their unique situation.

Custom Keto Diet Alternative

The keto diet can be pretty challenging for most people to stick to because it tends to eliminate many foods in favour of a special diet. If you do not want to do so much exercise and strict eating plan, you might find yourself backsliding.

This is why I suggest that a good alternative is the Eat sleep burn weight loss plan.

The eat sleep burn is an excellent alternative because it focuses on healthy eating (not a strict diet) and adequate sleep to lose weight.

What Other People Are Saying About Custom Keto Diet

”Rachel’s custom keto diet has completely turned my life around! It has taken my health journey to the next level in a way that I didn’t think was possible. This was my fourth time around trying to get healthy and lose weight on my own. This diet helped me get on the right track and lose the weight!”– Colleen Walter. 

”I’ve been following Rachel’s Keto Diet for about three days now, and it’s excellent! I had to watch all of her videos on YouTube which are all fantastic! I love how kind, supportive and encouraging Rachel is towards her clients. This is one reason why she has so many customers. Once you reach out to her for all of your needs, she’s there to help in any way that she can!”- XX Rita.

“Rachel Robert’s Custom Keto Diet has not done any wonders for me. I have already used it and expected miracles, but I ended up losing my hard-earned cash on this product which did nothing to help me. I regret buying it because the product is a scam.”- Louis. 

”Rachel’s Custom Ketogenic Diet was a lifesaver for me. It’s been over two years since I have taken the time to eat healthily and work out. I felt sluggish and out of shape, which made me not want to leave my own house. After hearing about how Rachel transformed her body through her diet and exercise plan, I knew that I needed to do it as well. Now I feel amazing!”- Pat Roger 

Final Verdict

You might be wondering if you should get a ketogenic diet plan or if ketogenic diets are really worth the effort. 

In truth, as with many other diets, there is both good & bad news to be told about the keto diet. However, the custom keto diet is distinct because it is different from the generalized form of diet.

I have evaluated this diet based on certain solid factors. The first feature that made me fall in love with this diet is that it is designed to cater to individual needs.

This is something that is not so popular with many diet options these days.

One problem I have with this diet is that the and follow-up and counselling structure is flawed. While those who might have tried other forms of diet can find it easier to cope, beginners may need a little follow-up to keep up with the plan.

Hence, I would recommend this diet for those who have tried out the keto diet, but it didn’t produce many results.

For beginners, you might want to consider other diets with more follow-up and counselling.


Does the custom keto diet really work?

I think that the custom keto diet is an excellent option for some people. 

However, this approach might not work for everyone.  

The diet is pretty specialized, and you should be committed to doing it right. 

If you have the patience and dedication, this could be a very successful choice.  

Furthermore, if you do it properly, you can lose weight fast and reverse quite a few ailments. 

If you find that the diet isn’t working for you, there are ways to make it more effective and healthy.

What does the custom keto diet include?

The custom keto diet is an induction-friendly version of the ketogenic diet, so it includes all foods and ingredients you’d typically eat on a ketogenic diet.

It includes vegetables, but not as many as the Mediterranean or other diets. 

It also has more meat and not much fat included.

Furthermore, it also contains some exercises for you as well as the portion of meals to eat.

Is Custom Keto Diet Program suitable for beginners? If not, what are the other alternatives?

Most people don’t understand the ketogenic diet and worry about whether it is risky for them. I will calm down your fears in my simple guide. 

If you’re a beginner, you can always start with a standard keto diet. 

Simply watch your carbs and calories. 

The basic rule is that you should eat less than 20g of net carbs per day when you want to lose weight. so if you are a lover of junk foods like snacks, cakes etc. then always find out which flour has lowest carbs and use it for your baking .

If you are still not comfortable, you can try out other diet options like Eat sleep burn, Jenny Craig rapid results or even try out a vegetarian diet.

Nevertheless, it is advisable for you (especially as a beginner) to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before opting for any diet plan.

Can I still eat what I love with the custom keto diet?

Yes, absolutely. For the first few weeks, it’s OK to indulge yourself with your favourite treats. However, as you are progressing with the Keto diet, you’ll need to focus on limiting the intake of carbohydrates even more. 

One of the foods that you can still eat is seafood. 

Shrimps and fish continue to be a part of the Keto diet, even if they are in chip form.

How do I get started with a custom keto diet as a beginner?

One of the biggest concerns facing those new to keto is that they don’t know how to start on a ketogenic diet. The diet seems complicated, and you may not even be sure about what keto is or if it will work for you.

However, the Custom keto diet makes things easier for beginners. You do not need to worry about all that as you receive a comprehensive custom-designed plan for you.

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