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Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey 2022 [Updated]- What She Has Revealed

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey Revealed!

“I’m paving the way for other women and men who know they’re destined for greatness, but they don’t believe it yet.”

 ~Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz is an American actress best known for her roles in American Horror Story, and This Is Us. Marked by a tumultuous life story, Chrissy Metz has dealt with depression, obesity, and bullying.

The story of her character Kate in ‘This is us’ resonated so deeply with me that I was moved to follow her weight loss journey.

I vividly remembered growing up as a fat kid in a family and community that didn’t necessarily approve of the way I looked.

In earlier years, there was a lot of criticism and pressure on Chrissy from her weight. She used to be very sensitive about it. 

But as time passed by, with the help of her friends and family (as well as herself), Chrissy has developed tough skin. She has learned to deal with any pressure from others. Furthermore, she put effort into losing the extra pounds and felt better about herself.

People have been inspired by the before and after weight loss photos of Chrissy Metz. A lot of articles have also been written about it online. However, most of them are based on generalization. This unique article contains real-life lessons from Chrissy Metz journey drawn from her memoir. 

I’m going to share what Chrissy Metz has revealed so far about her weight loss journey. This will serve as a weight-loss motivation for your journey.

Keep reading!

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey
Source: Instagram (Chrissy Metz)

Chrissy Metz Childhood Journey 

The newbie yet fast-rising star has been chubby all her life. However, long before she came to be identified as an actress and gained fame, Chrissy lived quite a different life.

Kate in the series ‘This is us’ is very relatable to her personal life. At about 11, Kate’s father took her to ‘weight watchers.’

Born in Homestead, Florida, Chrissy is the sister to two siblings and two half-siblings.

The story of her character, Kate, is somewhat similar to her real-life experience. Her father was a police officer, and her mother, a housewife and mom. When she was still very young, her parents separated and went their separate ways. 

Shortly after that, her mother found a new love interest. They married, and Chrissy grew up with her stepfather, siblings.

She has revealed that as a child, she was teased about her weight by her stepfather.

In her memoir, This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today, Chrissy describes how her stepfather abused her. He forced her to do weigh-ins and bullied her, and sometimes he even turned to physical violence. Chrissy stopped eating almost completely for years. As a result, she became depressed and had a hard time concentrating on anything besides weight loss. Chrissy weighed almost 500 pounds at one point. While she was filming her hit NBC sitcom, This Is Us.

Source: Instagram (Chrissy Metz) July 2021

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss: Her Weight Loss Journey 

After winning the hearts of the American audience in NBC’s breakout hit, This is Us, Chrissy Metz (Kate) has landed her much anticipated roles in her career. 

The 38-year old actress has an equally compelling background story. On her 30th birthday, she fell ill from a panic attack. This was when she lost about 100 pounds as a result of a 2000 Calorie diet combined with walking exercise. 

She struggled from having to give up her favourite foods to being bullied as a child for being overweight. Nonetheless, Chrissy is very open about her childhood battle with body image issues. 

Has Chrissy Metz Lost Weight?

Thousands of people were debating whether Chrissy Metz has lost weight or not. People have been talking about the shocking images that show a slightly thinner figure in front of her American TV drama ‘This Is Us.’

Being in the limelight of Hollywood comes with a lot of pressure. There’s always some kind of scrutiny when it comes to celebrities and their weight. 

The simplest way to measure weight loss is by looking at their photos before and after. Chrissy Metz is a famous star, has been in the news lately due to her outstanding performance in the television show ‘This is us.’   

The best way to determine Chrissy Metz’s weight loss is by comparing her before and after photos on Google. 

Her role on the show isn’t that of a typical sitcom star, she plays Kate Pearson, but instead, she is obese. Her character struggles with food addiction and other issues that make her very relatable to anyone in the same shoes.

The before and after pictures reveal that Chrissy has lost a lot of weight. It’s unclear exactly how much weight she’s lost, but we can assume that it’s at least 20 pounds. This is due to her unusual appearance in recent years.

How Did Chrissy Metz Lose Weight?

All I did was eat a 2,000-calorie diet and walk 20 minutes a day,” she explained in an interview with People in 2017. She also mentioned that before moving to L. A after getting a new manager, she dropped 50 pounds, just like Lizzo’s weight loss and jorge garcia weight loss.

How Much Does Chrissy Metz Weigh?

According to the sources, we have consulted, Chrissy Metz’s weight is around 181 kg or 399 lbs. She had lost a lot of weight during the process of filming for this hit TV show. 

It is not surprising, considering that every cast member of a show starring in takes part in some or other kind of fitness regime. This is meant to keep them fit and fine throughout the season.


What The Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Story Taught Me

Having a positive attitude toward weight loss helps lead to success. But sometimes, all that positive thinking is not enough. Below are the things I’ve learned from her weight loss journey:

  • Break old habits

Being overweight as an adult is not just physical; it feels like mental too. You know that you have to change things, but being attached to your old habits makes your mind wander in repetitive and sometimes sad thoughts. Most people fail to try to lose weight because they try to do it like a diet.

In an interview with People, Chrissy said, “I thought, What if I become that heavy and can’t walk around or get stuck in the doorframe? I was like, ‘I don’t want this for me.” This was after having to play a part in a movie where she wore a fat suit. This incident contributed to her weight loss journey, causing her to let go of certain habits.

  • Celebrate victories

In Chrissy’s memoir, she said, “If you can’t love yourself for who you are right now, you’ll never get to the place you’re meant to be.”

Celebrating successes leads to a more productive culture and a more energized team. Finding the right fit is important, but don’t forget what you’ve already done. Be sure to celebrate the wins along the way, regardless of where they may be. Remember all your little steps contributed to your progress today!

  • Wake up accountable

“So many people, including myself, talk at each other but don’t listen to ourselves or to other people. Believe in actively listening to yourself. Take time to have a conversation with yourself every now and again. What’s working? What could maybe use a little tweaking?”

“So often we’re on autopilot, and we slip into addictive behaviours to avoid listening to ourselves. We eat, or drink, or, yes, check our phones, anything to avoid hearing what we truly need to say.” pg 57 This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today

I believe that when it comes to weight loss journey, accountability is the key. Chrissy had no one making her accountable. She has her family and friends cheering her on, but they are not doing the actual work with her. Chrissy believes in listening to yourself as the only way to stay accountable. Furthermore, this prevents slipping into any form of addiction.

  • Create realistic goals

One thing that I noticed about Chrissy is that she did not focus on the end result. Instead, she made short-term goals. And I think this is a much better approach to losing weight.

Creating realistic goals is not as easy as it sounds. What you want to achieve may be different from what is physiologically possible. You set yourself up for failure by setting goals so far out of reach that they are unattainable. To achieve your ideal body weight through a healthy process, you need to set goals that are achievable and within a time frame that works for you.

  • Use kindness as a weapon 

Weight loss can be a long, hard process that requires determination and hard work. It’s easy to fall into the trap of self-hatred and feel like giving up entirely. However, Chrissy used kindness as a weapon to help motivate herself. 

Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey is so inspiring. What she did reminds us all that there is an alternative way of being where we can be kind to one another.

Chrissy has learned to show kindness despite all the bullying. She says, “Because carrying hate is a heavy load.”

Furthermore, she explained in her memoir, “I will never believe that it is a weakness to retaliate with kindness. Our culture has become an arms race of nastiness. I refuse to do it.”

  • Body positivity is the key to happiness.

“Our true happiness is inside of us. Like me, everything you need to fly—to soar—has been inside you all along. Just as you are, you’re enough.” She wrote in her memoir.

Chrissy Metz wants women to know there is more to life than weight loss goals. This is because she discovered happiness when she realized she was capable of more than just aesthetics. 

In an essay for Glamour magazine, the This Is Us star writes about how she struggled with her body image growing up. 

“I’m no longer concerned if I’m skinny, but if my soul is happy and I’m living my best life.”

  • Never give up

Weight loss and keeping it off requires a lot of motivation which, to most people, is elusive. Hollywood provides a fresh reminder of the hard reality of failing to lose weight and keeping it off for good. 

Chrissy Metz, has been candid about her struggles with weight loss over the years.

In an interview with People, she says; “If you’re any human being on this planet, it’s like there are going to be highs and lows and there are going to be challenges, but it’s, do we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps after we felt the pain and after we’ve gone through the anguish and the uncertainty, and do we just keep moving?”

She explained how difficult it can be and how emotional she is sometimes. However, this doesn’t stop her from continuously moving.

Chrissy Metz Memoir ‘This Is Me: Loving The Person You Are Today 

In 2018, Chrissy published her first book, a body positivity memoir. Here, she shares stories of joy and heartbreak, hopes and fears, triumphs and failures. 

All readers will know exactly who she is, her struggles and draw strength for their individual journey.

Final Takeaway From Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey

Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey might not be that much of a success story to many. However, my overall conclusion on her weight loss journey is that she did it the right way. 

Her words and actions show me that she put in lots of hard work. She also put in dedication, discipline and perseverance to achieve the result she wanted!

Feeling bad doesn’t really get you anywhere. The only real solution is to just get up and do something productive towards your dream. 


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