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40+ Breakfast Buffet Ideas In 2022

Breakfast Buffet Ideas

If you’re planning a small party or large event in 2022, adding a breakfast or brunch buffet is a great way to add variety and make your party stand out from the rest. Buffets are always popular at parties, especially when they involve delicious food. So, why not include a second meal option in a theme that works perfectly with a breakfast or brunch?

Let’s take a look at 40+ different breakfast buffet ideas to inspire you!

What Is A Breakfast Buffet?

A breakfast buffet is a style of dining where you can help yourself to as much food as you want from a selection. It’s similar to a dinner buffet, but for breakfast. 

Additionally, breakfast buffets are great for hosting large groups of people because it is straightforward to make one dish and can be enjoyed in many different tastes.

40+ Recipes For Breakfast Buffets Ideas

Potato Dishes

These are simple and versatile recipes for breakfast buffets. You can use any type of potato and try various combinations to multiply their appeal and enhance your buffet table.

1. Potato gratin

Potato gratin

What could be more hearty and satisfying than a rich Potato gratin, served with plenty of creamy garlic sauce? This old-fashioned recipe is perfect for breakfast buffets. Roasted potatoes, bacon, cheese, and cream are the essential ingredients of this potato gratin. Additionally, what makes it so tasty is its crispy layer on top. You can also sprinkle some grated cheese on top of your gratin.

2. Potato pancakes

Breakfast Buffet Ideas

These are some of the best dishes to have for breakfast, snacks, or dinner. For breakfast, you can have them with scrambled eggs, bacon, onions, and mushrooms. Furthermore, these pancakes are very easy to prepare. 

3. Baked potato strips

Baked potato strips

These potato strips are very versatile. Additionally, these potato strips are baked, not fried, which makes them healthier than regular ones. They can be added to green salads, soups, or even eaten on their own. Give them a try if you love potatoes!

4. Oven-baked Hash browns

Oven-baked Hash browns

This recipe provides crispy potato bits with crisp edges and a soft interior that is perfect with scrambled eggs.

5. Potato Frittata

 Breakfast Buffet Ideas In 2021

For a relatively simple dish, a potato frittata is very versatile. It can be made with different veggies, spices, and cheeses. Furthermore, if you have leftover sliced potatoes or cooked potatoes, you can quickly whip one up in a jiffy. 

6. Potato pizza

 Breakfast Buffet Ideas In 2021

For your very first dish, you can choose the potato pizza. This is one of the most famous buffets.

7. Baked potatoes with toppings

Baked potatoes with toppings

One of the most efficient vegetarian breakfasts is baked potatoes with toppings. Additionally, they are straightforward to prepare, look tasty, and can be served with different side dishes. At first glance, this dish does not sound very interesting, but you will be surprised by how delicious it turns out to be.

Egg Dishes

These are one of the most popular foods at any breakfast buffet. They are cheap, easy to prepare, and versatile.

8. Scrambled Eggs With Basil And Tomato

Scrambled Eggs With Basil And Tomato

This meal is the best you can have for breakfast or any time of the day. You can have it plain, served with toast or even some vegetables. It’s cheap to make and reheat well if you have leftovers.

9. Poached eggs on toast with ham 

Poached eggs on toast with ham 

These egg on toast with ham is a straightforward breakfast to prepare and quick to eat. Additionally, the eggs are an excellent source of protein and are easily digested. The ham gives a great flavor and tastes delicious too.

10. Fried eggs with mushrooms 

Fried eggs with mushrooms 

Fried eggs with mushrooms are so easy to cook. They are also one of the easiest ways to prepare eggs. Furthermore, what makes fried eggs with mushrooms so delicious is eggs and turkey and mushrooms that have no substitute.  

11. Scrambled eggs with sausages 

Breakfast Buffet Ideas

A quick, simple, and delightful recipe that your family members are going to love. It is a combination of scrambled eggs with sausages that will definitely make your breakfast fun. Additionally, It’s rich in nutrients and, best of all, easy to prepare.

12. Omelette with cheese and chilli

Omelette with cheese and chilli

Egg omelets have many variations, but this one is spicy and delicious. You can add any fillings you want; some ham or bacon always goes well with eggs.

13. Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros is a breakfast dish consisting of fried eggs served on corn tortillas with black beans and salsa. Furthermore, the whole thing is topped off with your choice of cheese, sour cream, and more salsa.

Pancakes and Waffles

Obviously, pancakes and waffles are America’s preferred breakfast foods. We all know this as they are served as the main dish in almost every breakfast buffet. We know that both of these foods can be delicious and heartily enjoyed for breakfast.

14. Chocolate waffles with strawberries

If you love strawberries, this Chocolate Waffles with Strawberries is perfect for you. It is easy to make at home! 

15. Pancakes made with pumpkin puree

Pancakes made with pumpkin puree

This will be an excellent addition to your menu at breakfast time. It goes very well with maple syrup. Likewise, for a savory feel, you can add a little bit of onion powder and some salt.

16. Nutella Banana Pancakes

Nutella Banana Pancakes

One of the breakfast buffets ideas, Nutella Banana Pancakes is not only tasty but quite healthy as well. Served on a plate with little syrup, the bite-sized pancakes also come with some fresh fruits and berries on the side.

17. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes 

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes 

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes taste just like the popular Cinnabon cinnamon roll. Furthermore, they are light and fluffy cinnamon pancakes topped with vanilla glaze and pecans.

18. Blueberry Pancake with Berries

Blueberry Pancake with Berries

The blueberry pancake is a super nice idea for your breakfast because it is delicious and very fresh. It is so good that you can eat it with yogurt or cream, especially if they put a very good amount of whipped cream in it.

19. Bacon and Strawberry Waffle Tiramisu

Bacon and Strawberry Waffle Tiramisu

Waffles are a staple breakfast food in many parts of the world. However, you must be careful when you prepare them so that they don’t burn or get soggy. You can improve the texture and flavor of your waffles by adding flavoring with food items like bacon and strawberries.

20. Chocolate Pecan Waffles

Chocolate Pecan Waffles

Breakfast Buffets are always a crowd favorite, and chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser,. This recipe combines both in the form of chocolate pecan waffles.

Meat Dishes

Breakfast buffets and meat go together like coffee and doughnuts. Delicious and filling, they provide enough energy to start the day with a jump or give you a kick of fuel to keep your purposeful pace going for most of the day. If you’re hosting a breakfast buffet party, meat is most likely going to be one of the most important aspects that you prepare. Whether it’s bacon, sausage, or ham, it can be tricky to put out just the right level of meat to match the appetites of all your guests. Below are some ideas.

21. Turkey Bacon Crescent Rolls

These are the perfect make-ahead Thanksgiving appetizer. These are no ordinary crescent rolls. The flavors come together to make an amazing combination that is a must make for your next party.

22. Fried Bacon Strips 

These Fried Bacon Strips are the perfect item to have in a brunch buffet. The flavor is really good! The bacon becomes very crispy, and one bite instantly releases the irresistible taste of bacon heaven. Give it a shot; I’m sure you’ll love it!

23. Smoked Ham

Smoked Ham

This is the most preferred breakfast meat in the world including the UK, US, and Canada. Smoked ham is often referred to as a “Canadian Bacon,” regardless of whether it is made from pork or beef.

24. Pork Sausages

Pork Sausages

These are known to have outstanding nutritional value and provide enough energy for strenuous physical activities. It is excellent for breakfast, brunch, or just any time of the day.

25. Grilled chicken breast

Grilled chicken breast is one of those things that can safely be called a modern classic. Everyone likes it, and its taste is very light and easy to combine with different side dishes. This chicken dish tastes especially significant in the summer when grilled meat is like a breath of fresh air compared to the hot, humid atmosphere.

French Toast And Sandwiches 

These are easy options that you can prepare in advance.

26. Monte Cristo French Toast

Monte Cristo French Toast 

Monte Cristo French Toast is one of the yummiest breakfast solutions. It combines ham, turkey, and cheese with a sweet cinnamon sandwich. 

27. Fried Egg and Chicken Breakfast Sandwich 

If you are looking for a fun breakfast buffet idea for family and friends, this is a perfect choice. It is not only cute but delicious too.

Baked Dishes

These dishes are a trendy breakfast and brunch menu item, and it’s no wonder. It takes care of all the needs and preferences of your guests and accommodates people with wheat-based or gluten-based diets simultaneously.

28. Mini Cinnamon Rolls 

The mini cinnamon rolls are the perfect addition to a breakfast buffet. They can be made ahead of time and refrigerated or frozen until ready to use. Once defrosted, you can either warm them in the microwave. 

29. Buttermilk biscuits

Buttermilk is one of my favorite ways to enjoy biscuits. When topped with spicy tomato gravy, it’s uncommonly good and makes for an excellent addition to any breakfast or brunch.

30. Olive oil muffins 

Olive oil muffins 

The olive oil muffins are delicious and golden brown in color. They are quite moist and tender, with a mild olive taste. The olive oil whipped with the milk really makes these muffins so special. They take only a few minutes of prep time, and that’s it. 

31. Banana bread 

Banana bread 

Banana bread is straightforward to make. It is best eaten fresh out of the oven while it’s still warm and moist.

Fresh Salad Dishes

This is a must in any buffet. It is very healthy and refreshing and will keep your guests engaged and satisfied.

32. Crispy Green Chicken Salad

Crispy Green Chicken Salad

This is a hearty and fresh salad that’s perfect for any occasion. If you want to please the masses, this is your chance!

33. Fig and Feta Salad

Fig and Feta Salad

The Fig and Feta Salad makes a wonderful breakfast salad. It can be served either as a main dish or as a side salad dish.

34. Corn and Tuna Salad

Corn and Tuna Salad

The Corn and Tuna Salad is a delightful combination of fresh ingredients blended for a scrumptious salad. This recipe is both tasty and nutritious. The dish can be served as an appetizer, as an accompaniment to any meal, or as a part of the meal. It is a crowd-pleaser that everyone loves and can never get enough of.

35. Caprese Salad

The Caprese Salad is a delicious way to enjoy an Italian-themed breakfast. With its fresh ingredients, it’s easy to make and perfect for summer.

Main Dish and Others

36. Bacon, Onion and Pea Quiche

Quiche is a savory pie made of eggs and meat or vegetables in a pastry crust. It’s usually served for brunch, as an appetizer, or as a main dish.

37. Chorizo Torta

Chorizo Torta

A Mexican favorite, chorizo tortas are small sandwiches with several types of meats and cheese. 

38. Sour Cream Breakfast Enchiladas

Sour cream breakfast enchiladas are a filling dish that is hearty and delicious. This can be served as a special breakfast for a buffet.

39. Asparagus and Jack Cheese Frittata

Asparagus and Jack Cheese Frittata

This makes a great brunch dish or a simple weeknight supper. It could come from your garden for regular meals, or you could substitute another fresh vegetable that is still in season. Serve with a green salad and maybe some fresh fruit for dessert.


A drink is something which you can have with food. There are a variety of beverages which you can have. These days, the choice of drinks you could have at breakfast buffets is enormous. And, you can also vary your drinks depending on weather conditions.

40. Fresh Orange Juice

If you’re looking for ways to make your breakfast buffet stand out as a great experience, consider having freshly squeezed orange juice available. It’s so simple, yet people love it. Automatic hand squeezers can be used to squeeze fresh oranges for orange juice.

41. Green Tropical Smoothie

Green Tropical Smoothie

The Green Tropical Smoothie is a delicious and healthy tropical smoothie consisting of spinach, avocado, peach, and banana. This can be made for breakfast as one of the drink options.

42. Ginger Basil Cooler

Ginger Basil Cooler is a cocktail mixing ginger, basil, and lemon juice. It has an exotic aroma with a touch of mint.

43. Sparkling Tomato Shake

This is a healthy beverage containing tomatoes, cucumber, and sparkling water, along with other nutritious ingredients.

44. Apple or Cranberry juice

Apple or Cranberry juice

You can keep it simple and choose either apple or cranberry juice. There are a lot of benefits to both of these juices.

45. Coffee


Coffee is the favorite drink at most breakfast buffets. It is usually served in thermal pots, which keeps the coffee warm during the breakfast rush.

46. Tea


Tea is among the necessary things at breakfast buffets. It is a remedy for many diseases and helpful for health in many ways. Additionally, you’ll find a wide variety to choose from.

Easy Ways To Organise A Breakfast Buffet Party 

  1. Make one of the buffet tables a savory table, and the other sweet
  2. Place pastries on pretty plates and arrange them in a basket or bakery box
  3. Place different jams and spreads on small plates with tiny spoons
  4. Arrange different kinds of bread on a baking tray and cover in a clean tea towel
  5. Keep it simple – don’t offer more than three choices of main breakfast item
  6. Keep food in the kitchen!

How To Make The Best Of Breakfast Buffet ideas

  1. Always have these staples on hand
  2. Start the day off with a healthy grain
  3. Keep cereal in the house
  4. Use height in your food display
  5. Add fruit for colorful displays
  6. Serve up some juice to start your day
  7. Offer at least two hot foods (and show them off).


Dazzle your guests with an array of tasty breakfast buffet ideas, with this list of over forty delicious breakfast buffet ideas that you can try out!

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Breakfast Buffet Ideas: FAQs 

What is included in a buffet breakfast?

A buffet breakfast is a hybrid between a standard breakfast and a continental breakfast. It consists of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, bacon and sausage, ham, and corned beef hash served in steam table pans alongside various other hot and cold items, including pancakes and pieces of bread. Eggs are also available.

How do you make a successful breakfast buffet?

There are many things to consider when you want to create a successful breakfast buffet.

  • Use the right kind of plates and cups- Plastic and ceramic cups should be used for hot drinks, and paper cups for cold drinks to avoid any breakage.
  • Offer guests a variety of breakfast items
  • Have great coffee
  • Include pastries and desserts
How do you serve yourself at a buffet?

Many buffets serve the dip for the nuggets, fries, etc., on the side. The dip should be eaten with bread pieces or french fries and never with fingers — unless it is a finger food. This can also be used to dip chicken pieces or other food from the buffet table. Nevertheless, fingers are not to come in contact with the dipping sauce.

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