Best Weight Loss Blogs of 2023

Best Weight Loss Blogs
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Need help losing weight? We’ve picked the best weight loss blogs, including diet, how to get in shape, exercises and more.

More than half of American adults are considered to be overweight. This means that there is a high demand for weight loss information on how to lose weight naturally.

Being overweight or obese puts you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. These diseases are common causes of death in many countries. If you’re looking for the best weight loss blogs to help you lose weight, then this article is for you.

There are many weight loss blogs that have appeared on the web. However, not all of them are useful for readers who want to lose weight.

This article gives you information on the 15 best weight loss blogs in 2022. 

However, before delving into the list, let’s examine the role of weight loss blogs in your weight loss journey.

What Are Weight Loss Blogs?

A weight loss blog, also known as a diet blog, is any blog dedicated to the topic of weight loss. These blogs are usually about personal experiences with dieting and weight loss. While some people do write about other factors that go into losing weight, such as exercise or other lifestyle choices, an emphasis on losing weight is common to all of these types of blogs.

Put simply, a weight loss blog is a platform where one can get valuable information related to losing weight, healthy diets, exercising and other methods that help in reducing weight.

Weight Loss Blogs

Types Of Weight Loss Blogs

There are many types of weight loss blogs. Some are commercial; while others are personal. Some are positive; others aren’t. 

Weight loss blogs can be focused on a single subject or a range of weight-loss topics. For example, Health Blogs, Exercise Blogs, Lifestyle Change Blogs, Motivation Blogs. The best weight loss blogs combine two or more of the aforementioned.

Healthy weight loss blogs or diet blogs share helpful information and inspiring stories. They usually provide journals and forums for clients to share their personal experiences with weight loss. Some dieting blogs contain printable coupons, recipes, meal plans and exercise programs to assist you as you embark on the journey to a better life.

What they have in common is that they all intend to help you lose weight successfully.

See my lists below on the best weight loss blogs that may be good to follow.

Importance Of Weight Loss Blogs

Losing weight is not easy. There is a good deal of information that needs to be known before you start a weight loss program. This is why a weight loss blog comes in handy.

Nowadays, the number of websites dedicated to weight loss seems almost endless. With this kind of competition, one would assume that many of these websites are providing valuable information to their visitors. Of course, it is true that there are also some pretty lousy sites out there, but there are good ones too. Let’s take a look at some positive aspects of these weight loss blogs so you can see why you should be paying attention to them.

  • You get support from people who have been through Weight Loss.
  • Provides valuable information about nutrition
  • Deals with topics that help people to lose weight
  • Help you develop self-confidence
  • It inspires you to lose weight.
  • Guides you to choose healthy food
  • Motivate you to achieve your goal.
  • They provide education and information on health and wellness.
  • Promote healthy eating and exercising

15 Best Weight Loss Blogs

1. Weight loss plans online

Whether you’re newly entering the world of weight loss or looking to shed those extra pounds fast and healthily, this blog will guide you toward the path of a healthy life. The blogger understands that readers are interested in living a healthier lifestyle. Hence, weight loss plans online offer research-backed information about diet plans, gluten-free recipes, fitness tips and much more. It also features real-life Weight Loss stories for motivation and uncommon weight loss secret revelations. While helping you make the best decision in purchasing Weight Loss products and supplements, it gives readers first-hand and honest reviews.

2. A black girl’s guide to weight loss 

This weight loss blog, by Erika Nicole Kendall, is a great site dedicated to helping other black women achieve long-term weight loss success. Through pages and pages of weight loss blog posts that are easily searchable, visitors can find all kinds of great advice. It includes; diet tips, fitness advice, recipes, and ideas to get through the tough times. 

The ‘A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss’ blog also offers active weight loss comments so that visitors can ask all kinds of questions.

3. Food heaven 

This is a Weight loss blog by Wendy and Jess, Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educator. It is a food blog for people who want to feed their bodies well without the weight loss mentality. They believe that our culture’s constant focus on dieting and fat stigmatization sends the wrong message about health, body size, and eating habits.

4. The fit crasher

Dedicated to helping you meet your weight loss and fitness goals and providing the information and motivation you need to make them a reality. Fit Crasher is filled with weight loss tips, recipes, ideas, and news on how you can turn your weight loss dreams into a reality.

5. The fit cookie 

Sarah’s Fit Cookie is an award-winning food allergy blog that shares recipes, workouts, and healthy living tips. She is the mother of two food-allergic children with multiple chronic allergies to dairy, gluten, sugar, and more. Furthermore, she is a personal trainer who teaches clients with food allergies how to overcome their allergies through clean eating, weight loss workouts, and positivity.

6. Fat Girl vs world

Far Girl vs World is a blog started by a 39-year-old lady. Her battle to lose weight has been chronicled by many obstacles. This blog is a place for her to connect with others facing the same challenges and share her fight for self-love and happiness.

7. KH nutrition 

KH Nutrition specializes in medical nutrition therapy, healthy eating, intuitive eating, and body positivity. With a trained and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. It helps visitors overcome the guilt that comes with food.

8. Runs for cookies

Runs for Cookies is a weight loss blog created by 35-year-old runner. She is a stay at home Mum of 3 who lost so much weight that she decided to start this blog to help others on their journey. Runs for Cookies offers expert tips and all her tried and tested recipes and running techniques.

9. Eat, Drink and be skinny 

The Eat Drink & be Skinny blog is all about pulling you in with the Simple Secrets of healthy weight loss. Alongside holding you with fun, real posts about life. The goal is to make your journey to healthy weight loss easier by getting you out of your head and into your kitchen. It also shows you how healthy food can help you love yourself more.

10. My journey to fit

My journey to fit is a weight loss blog created by Shelley, a 56 years old lady. She used Weight Loss communities to motivate herself and followed the advice on exercise and nutrition to get the results she needed. Now she wants to help others get healthier too. Shelley’s blog is for people who want to get fit, lose weight, get healthy, change their lifestyle, start an exercise program or follow a healthy diet.

11. The healthy foodie 

This is a Weight loss blog by Sonia, a 46 year old French Canadian from Québec. The Healthy Foodie is a blog about health and happiness. On this blog, you will find tips and recettes for healthy, quick meals that will make your life easier if you want to eat clean or follow a low-carb diet. This blog is also a place Sarah shares her food adventures with you.

12. Carrots ‘N’ Cakes

If you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, but still want to enjoy delicious ‘bad’ foods, Carrots ‘N’ Cake has the recipes for you. The author loves food and believes that food should nourish both body and soul. This is why the recipes are designed for the everyday person who just wants to eat real food.

13. Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell-is a New York Times bestselling author and Weight-loss blogger. She provides inspiring healthy diet ideas, recipes & workout plans to lose weight fast. Andie is helping people around the globe find balance.

14. Authentically Emmie

The Authentically Emmie’s mission is to be an inspirational blog that helps men and women achieve their weight loss goals. She offers tips, tricks, and the best weight loss methods to get you feeling healthy, happy, and confident. 

15. No thanks to cake

This blog is all about food, fitness, and weight loss. It’s a true account of a Colorado girl’s Jenny Craig weight loss journey. She shares recipes that help her stay on track as well as weigh-ins.

FAQ About Weight Loss Blogs

Do Weight loss blogs make money?

It depends. Writing about your weight loss journey is kind of like writing about new diets and discoveries. Your content will bring visitors to your website whether they are potential customers or not. However, it’s up to you to turn them into paying customers.

How do I start my Weightloss journey?

For the first part of your weight loss journey you need to accept that you are overweight. This might be probably difficult for you. However, if you don’t, you will find it hard to move on to the next part of the journey. This is why it is important for you to deal with it. You might not want to admit it to yourself, or others around you. Nevertheless, this is an essential step.

Can I lose 20 pounds in one month?

One month is a very short time frame for losing weight. The question seems like it should be easy. However, the answer is more complicated than you might think. While it is physically possible, it is challenging to lose 20 pounds in one month.

How do I start a weight loss journey blog?

Sites that deal with weight loss issues are very popular, and you can certainly find lots of bloggers that have lost a lot of weight. Becoming one of them is not as easy as it seems, especially if you want to attract thousands of visitors daily to your blog.

You can succeed at a weight loss journey blog by focusing on the things that make you different. What do you like specifically about your weight loss journey? For example, maybe you like to write down your struggles and victories. Or maybe you like to capture important moments in pictures. Why? Because it inspires others who are not yet where you are but hope to be someday.

Final Takeaway

The best weight loss blogs have a reputation for being informative, entertaining, and inspiring. These blogs work on more than simply selling diet pills. They go beyond informing us that the only way to lose weight is to exercise and diet (even though that is true). Their focus is to concentrate on teaching their readers about real, healthy weight loss. It includes how to eat right and how to get in shape through healthy eating and exercise practices.

Once you’ve found the best weight loss blogs to follow, make sure to read them regularly. You can even comment on them to get in touch with other people who are focused on weight loss.

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