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The 10 Best Compression Socks for Swelling: Say Goodbye to Swelling Feet Now

The best compression socks can offer you the comfort you need for muscular pains and foot discomfort. In turn, the best compression socks for swelling are the best fit for you, whether you’re on a long journey or just finished a strenuous workout taxing your legs and feet.

Compression socks may be beneficial for reducing muscle damage and inflammation, particularly following a demanding physical effort like a marathon. These socks apply continual pressure to the legs to avoid fluid buildup, which helps improves blood circulation, thus increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the tissues.

But it isn’t always easy picking the best compression socks for swelling. Where do you get them? What factors do you consider when choosing them? These are some of the most critical questions that might arise as you read this. Don’t worry; with over six years of using compression socks, I have all the correct answers for you.

The 10 Best Compression Socks for Swelling

  1. Scholl’s Women’s Compression Socks ($6-20) – Best Value

Scholl’s Women’s Compression Socks
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These compression socks are very comfortable and supportive, which makes them a favorite among pregnant women, nurses, instructors, athletes, and frequent travelers. They are breathable thanks to their lightweight nylon and spandex composition and a pressure rating of 10 to 15 mmHg.

Additionally, the heel of these socks is padded to relieve pressure. You can casually pair them with any outfit because of the variety of hues and patterns available, such as nude, black, white, and heather gray.


  • Very Breathable
  • Comfortable


  • It slips down after a while

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  1. SB Sox Lite Compression Socks ($11) – Best for Travel

SB Sox Lite Compression Socks is one of the best compression socks for swelling

These compression socks contain a cushioned heel and toe box to offer support and comfort without restricting your movement, and they have a pressure rating of 15 to 20 mmHg.

Additionally, they include a cuff at the top to prevent them from falling, wicking fabric to absorb sweat swiftly, and soft fabric against the skin, making them perfect for travel.


  • Non-slip
  • Padded heel


  • It attracts dust

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  1. Vitalsox Compression Sock ($18-35) – Best for Running

Vitalsox Compression Sock is one of the best compression socks for swelling

The well-liked socks’ quick-drying polypropylene material absorbs sweat as you exercise. Its modest toe and heel cushioning helps support your feet and prevent blisters, a requirement for runners.

They come in 16 various colors and are unisex as well.


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Suitable for all day wear
  • Enhanced cushioning


  • A bit large, especially for women
  • Not durable enough

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  1. Sockwell Incline Graduated Compression Socks($24) – Best for Hiking

Sockwell Incline Graduated Compression Sock

These socks have both compression and merino wool, a premium material that controls odor and moisture naturally. Additionally, they contain vented mesh panels to keep your feet dry when you run, stroll, hike, or ride a bike.

Also, these socks include additional cushioning beneath the forefoot and a strengthened toe and heel.


  • Mesh panel with vents
  • Additional padding on the forefoot


  • Slips down sometimes

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  1. Charmking Compression Socks ($16) – Best for Varicose Veins


Anyone may have varicose veins, but wearing compression socks can lessen your risk of getting them on your legs. To prevent the development of new varicose veins, these compression socks from CHARMKING assist in promoting healthy blood flow to your lower limbs.

They have 360-degree flexibility and are constructed entirely of nylon for breathability. These socks have received close to 50,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, indicating how good they are.


  • 360-degree stretch
  • A Strong material
  • Good compression force


  • Keep sliding off
  • Too small

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  1. Sigvaris Compression Socks($23) Best for Workout

These premium compression socks, made of nylon and polyester, are tight but flexible. They contain a cooling microfiber material and cushioning support in the Achilles tendon to absorb shock.

Customers like that they are comfortable enough to wear every day and prevent swelling in the legs, thus great for workouts.


  • Flexible fabric for cooling


  • No compressions around the feet

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  1. Alvada Compression Socks($10) – Best for Plantar Fasciitis

Alvada Compression Socks

Customers who purchase these socks adore how they ease heel and foot discomfort, frequently brought on by plantar fasciitis. They have a large shape that fits the foot and supports the ankle and the arch to lessen pressure.

These compression socks can act as a night splint when worn while sleeping since their no-slip cuffs assist you in keeping your feet securely in place.


  • Excellent support for the ankle and heel
  • Secure cuffs


  • No compression for calves

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  1. PAPLUS Ankle Low-cut Compression Socks($13-20) – Best for Ankle Height

PAPLUS Ankle Low-cut best Compression Socks for swelling

These socks are ideal for runners because of their low-cut shape, which makes them suitable for strenuous activity. Additionally, they swiftly wick sweat away and offer a seam-free toe to lessen the risk of blisters.

In addition, they can aid in the relief of discomfort from foot problems like plantar fasciitis since they provide additional support in the ankles and arches.


  • Seamless toe
  • Added stability in the ankles and arches


  • No compression for calves

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  1. Shams Merino Compression Socks ($10-13) – Best Socks for Cold Weather

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These merino wool socks are going to make all of your cold-weather excursions much more pleasant.

They provide graded compression, which ranges from 25 to 30 mmHg at the ankle, 15 to 20 mmHg in the middle of the calf, and 10 to 15 mmHg below the knee, in addition to keeping your feet warm.


  • Made with Merino wool
  • Offer staunch support


  • It can be a bit too warm for some consumers

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  1. Physixgear Compression Socks($9-44) – Best for Durability

The best compression socks for swelling is the Physixgear Compression Socks

These socks, made of nylon and spandex, provide “additional comfort” and “durability” for sports enthusiasts, travelers, athletes, and nurses. They are considered one of the finest compression socks for swelling. They are also my personal favorites.

The designers especially paid attention to the heel, calf, and toe areas as well as the foot to ensure that there would be no pain. It has progressive compression of 20–30 mmHg, which provides a perfect means of enhancing blood circulation, eliminating cramping and swelling risks, and enhancing leg stamina.


  • Withstand shock.
  • It is simple to put on and take off.
  • Secure cuffs


  • It doesn’t fit well for those with thin legs
  • A bit expensive

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What Causes Swelling?

Swelling is a common condition that affects millions of people every day. Whether it’s from arthritis or injury, swollen feet can cause pain and discomfort.

Foot swelling occurs when fluid accumulates around the ankles, knees, and elbows. This usually happens because of poor blood flow, a weakened immune system, or a buildup of toxins in the body.

While foot swelling is often caused by inflammation, other conditions can also contribute to its development. In addition, some medications can increase the risk of developing foot swelling. If you experience swelling in your feet, consult your doctor.

Factors To Consider When Buying Compression Socks for Swelling

  1. Right Measurement

The first and most frequent error observed is fitting the socks while the leg, ankle, or foot is swollen. Sizing measurements are to be made while there is no swelling. Although compression sock is intended to prevent leg edema, this does not always happen. Before you measure and purchase a compression sock, here are two ways to lessen the swelling;

  • Check as soon as you wake up. Since the feet are in bed at night, the edema frequently decreases if there is little to no morning swelling or none at all. For the correct fit, measure the circumferences of your calf and ankle.
  • Locate a lymphedema therapist who can work with you to use bandages to lessen the current swelling if the swelling does not go down at night. Next, take measurements to get the proper size of compression socks.
  1. Look for Silicone Top Border

A compression sock without a silicone upper border may frequently roll or fold. This puts more pressure on the area, hurts, and restricts lymphatic movement, worsening swelling or possibly leading to pressure sores. This has happened to me several times as well.

That issue is often resolved with a top silicone border 5 cm broad.

  1. The Pricey Ones are Usually the Best

Some only come in 3 or 4 sizes, and there are no changes in length or the ratio of the calf to the ankle. That’s a significant risk. The swelling will be pushed downward rather than upward if the calf becomes tighter than the ankle, making it worse.

Most less expensive socks lack a silicone band at the top. They frequently cut in and roll at the top. This could also exacerbate the edema.

  1. Strength of The Material

If the sock is strong enough, wearing them should prevent further swelling and lessen pain. The thicker and stronger the socks are, the stronger it is. The amount of force and pressure required varies depending on the problem’s seriousness.


Use this article to help you select the best compression socks for swelling when you are next shopping. Remember to see a doctor about the swelling condition first, and consider price, durability, and size before purchasing the socks.






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