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The 10 Best Athletic Socks for Hot Weather That Will Keep Your Feet Cool All Summer

Socks may appear to be a minor piece of athletic equipment, but wearing the best athletic socks for men is critical to your comfort and endurance when participating in any athletic activity in hot weather. A good pair of best athletic socks for hot weather will keep your feet cool and dry, whether you’re hitting the beach, trails, or pavement.

I spent several summers trying various socks, researching dozens of socks, reviewing product details and customer feedback, and asking coaches and runners for advice. This guide contains the ones I’ve determined to be the best.

Overall Best Atheltic Socks for Hot Weather

1.   Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks

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The Balega hidden comfort running socks are one of the best athletic socks for men


Balega Hidden Comfort running socks provide precisely what is required in a pair of quality, high-performance running socks when participating in every summer athletic activity. They’re soft and stretchy, with moisture-wicking fabrics that keep your feet dry and blister-free, and are suitable for machine wash.


Although the socks are light enough to wear in warm weather, they have a high-volume, impact-resistant cushioned bottom that provides cushioned comfort while running. Furthermore, extra-deep heel pockets and high heel tabs keep the socks from slipping into your shoes, ensuring a proper fit.


Balega socks are pricier than other options, but I find them well worth the money for their comfort and performance. Others have complained of them being too big and too ‘thick’ for summer.


You can buy these for only $18

Best Lightweight Atheltic Socks for Hot Weather

2.   Darn Tough Element No-Show Tab Lightweight Socks

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One of the best athletic socks for hot weather

Darn Tough socks are well-known for their lifetime guarantee. The lightweight socks are made of all-natural Merino wool, a soft, moisture-wicking material that keeps your feet cool while providing natural odor protection.


These best running socks for summer True Seamless technology eliminate irritating seams that can cause discomfort, chafing, or blisters. These lightweight socks are sleek and breathable, making them an excellent choice for long-lasting comfort.


Sadly, they are not durable enough. After five months of using mine, they began to fall apart.


You can get the Darn though shoes on Amazon for only $16

3. Thorlos Light Running Thin Padded Ankle Socks

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Although many people prefer some cushioning in their socks, excessive padding can cause your feet to overheat, especially in hot weather.

I like these Thorlos socks, which have just the proper padding for cushioned comfort without being too thick and bulky. Furthermore, the padding is placed precisely where you need it: in the arch, ball, and heel.


The socks are durable and provide excellent wicking and blister protection, while the low-profile seam will not irritate feet. They’re also simple to maintain, remaining soft and comfortable even after multiple washings and dryings.


However, despite all these features, the Thorlos are too low cut, even for summer.


These best athletic shoes for hot weather can be gotten for $11.37 – $15.99

Best Environmentally Friendly

4.   Rocky Flare Quarter Socks

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If you want a sock that protects without ruining the look of your summer outfit, the Rocky Flare Quarter Socks might be the best walking sock for you. The seamless toe construction of the Rocky Flare Quarter Socks prevents chafing, and the breathable mesh zones allow air to circulate on your feet.

Oh, and they are 100% made from recycled materials, a key reason why I bought these.


Because they are only ankle height, they will not work with boots but look great with walking shoes or trainers in warm weather.


I don’t know about others, but the socks were too flimsy for me. They were tiny for someone with a large foot ( I wear ten ­½). They also cost way expensive for socks that claim to be made from recycled materials.


These socks are expensive at $20

Best for Hiking

5.   Smartwool Ph.D. Run Ultra Light Micro Socks

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Smartwool socks with just the right cushioning are designed for long-lasting comfort when engaging in the warm-weather activity. They’re thin and lightweight, making them ideal for running, walking, or hiking in warm weather. They also offer superior protection and durability.


Elastic bands at the instep and arch provide support and flexibility while preventing the sock from bunching. Furthermore, the seamless toe prevents blisters and chafing, and the padded Achilles tab protects the ankle from irritation.

Furthermore, they are made of Merino wool, an excellent fabric for wicking sweat and fighting odors. I also like how the mesh vents are strategically placed to help with temperature and moisture management, keeping your feet cool and comfortable. They also dry quickly, which is helpful if you run in wet conditions.


They, however, feel too tight, even the large ones of size 10-12. There is also something about the quality that seems off compared to the previous Smartwool socks I have used. I wouldn’t complain about the price if the rate were great enough, but these are ridiculously expensive.


You can get them for $16.95

6. Solax Merino

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The Solax Merino is a low-cost merino wool option that performs well in warm weather. This pair excels at wicking away sweat thanks to its mesh ventilation lanes and drying quickly, making them ideal for running or hiking in hot weather.


A cushioned sole absorbs shock and provides superior comfort. An arch brace keeps the sock in place and provides extra support, while fully cushioned, flat-knit toe seams prevent blisters.


They are not as long-lasting as others I have used, but they are very light and serve their purpose well. But then, they are also costly.


A pair costs between $25.99 to $27.99 

Best Athletic Socks for Running in Hot Weather

7. Bombas Performance Running Merino

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This is an imposing pair that performs well in hot weather. Merino wool is exceptionally breathable and effective at wicking away sweat.


The sock’s midsection features Bombas’ signature snug honeycomb knit, which adds support while remaining airy and light. Targeted cushioning provides comfort with every stride while preventing unwanted “squish” on touchdown. It also provides much-needed compression around the arch.


I appreciate that the brand matches every purchase with a pair donated to someone in need, but that means they get to be expensive.


A bit high at $22

Best Anti-Odor

  1. Balega Silver No Show Running Socks

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These great socks are known for fighting stinky odors and fighting blisters. Made from polyester, nylon, and elastane, these socks stay put due to the high heel tab and extra deep heel pocket.


The mesh they use provides enough ventilation that I’ve used these multiple times without washing. They are also very comfortable.


For all they offer, these socks run small and tend to be expensive.


These socks go for $20 for each pair.

Most Versatile

  1. Feetures High-Performance Ultra Light Quarter- Running Socks for Men & Women

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You can use these durable, lightweight, versatile unisex socks for running, hiking, or cycling. They are that versatile. The bands are made with Lycra, which perfectly fits your feet and eliminates blisters, while the socks are made from 65% Polyester, 32% Nylon and 3% Spandex. They are also moisture free and keep your feet dry all summer.


The price is worth it for the quality and versatility these socks offer. They also provide targeted arch compression and fit in well. They are affordable too.


The odor resistance is not excellent, but you need to watch out for that. They also appear too thin for some (not me, I’m not complaining) and only come in white.


These socks only cost $15.00.

Best Budget

  1. Saucony Women’s Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks

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These Saucony socks offer the best economical solutions since they offer superior comfort and performance at a lower cost than many other brands.

Made from 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex, they are an excellent alternative for people who want to stock up on high-performance socks for jogging in warm weather.


They have plenty of padding to keep your feet comfy without making you feel bulky or overheated, and they are incredibly breathable and light.

Additionally, mesh ventilation, and moisture-wicking material support the cooling, drying, and freshening of your feet.


They only come in 8-16 pairs and don’t usually last long.


They come at a budget price of $15.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Athletic Socks for Hot Weather


If you’re seeking socks for any physical activity during hot weather, one that absorbs moisture is the best.

Our feet sweat like the rest of our bodies; therefore, it’s essential to choose a material that can handle the moisture like wool, bamboo, olefin/Drymax, Coolmax, flax, modal, mohair, polyester, angora, or nylon socks.


Certain substances can cause allergies. Merino is an excellent fabric for most people, but it can irritate certain people, so be careful to choose one that feels well against your skin.

Similar to shoes, socks are tailored for each foot, and a poor fit can result in blisters. Avoid wearing socks with an uncomfortable fit. Uncomfortable socks that are either too tight or loose can cause blisters and undesirable wrinkles to irritate the skin. Tight socks can bind the toes, especially during summer.


I don’t know about you, but the price is one of the first things I consider when buying any socks, after the comfort. How expensive are the socks? Do they provide excellent value for money? Do I get to enjoy them for more than six months? These are all critical questions, and I urge you to do the same.


When the weather is hot and humid, choose socks that are well-ventilated and made of moisture-wicking materials like Merino wool, nylon, or polyester. “Warm-weather socks are all about breathability and comfort,” says SWAP Running coach David Roche, a Strava runner.

Thinner socks can help keep your feet cool and smoother in your shoe, reducing the friction that can lead to blisters. However, Roche cautions against wearing socks that are so thin that your feet slide around in the shoe.

Some socks provide targeted cushioning in high-impact areas such as the ball, arch, and heel to provide comfort and shock absorption. When running in warm weather, you should be cautious about the padding in your socks, as too much can cause your feet to become very hot and sweaty.

Socks should not slide or bunch up because this can cause discomfort, irritation, and even blisters.

Because you strike harder in this area of the feet, look for socks with a good, solid construction in the middle and heel. Some running socks have light compression around the arch for support and comfort.

This guide should have given you some helpful insight into the benefits and considerations of wearing specialized socks and introduced you to some of the best athletic socks for hot weather worth looking into when purchasing your next pair.

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